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 I don't get it :#
 PC gaming is infested with cheaters in general. That's very true. But 
Battlefield 1 far from dead, because you can still join several full 
servers at any time of day. I've been played Battlefield 1 on PC since release an…
 PC Battlefield dead for ages? In what area do you try to play? Mars?
  • On 24-player servers it's much easier for 1 player to have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. 72% winrate is definitely possible.
 I don't think you can compare fps games with mmorpg's when it comes to cheating
    in Hackers! Comment by GerocK- July 2020
  • The game is more than active enough to have a full game every time you want to play in Europe. But even if it wasn't; making the game free is no solution.  - The game was already 50% off three months after release- The game has been sale many times…
Yeah, I thought about switching to console too. But besides auto-aim, which I think is a ridiculous feature, I'm not a fan of first person shooters with a controller. I could never get the satisfaction/rewards I get when I'm using a mouse a…
 There shouldn't be cheaters in any game, yet there hasn't been a single cheat-free game in the history of first person shooters. So we can either play against cheaters, report them, witness nothing happening and then come complain on the f…
 You're mad. I love it.
 I would love a WW2 Battlefield that is as good as Battlefield 1. I tried BF:V but it never made me feel like I was experiencing WW2. But it's been 5-6 years (if you count Hardline) since Battlefield's last modern warfare game. And unfortu…
  • I really like the "happy bunny" reference, but I think that's almost too clever to be real. Enjoyable post though! Nice theory and well thought out. Now I'm kinda hoping it will be an April 2021 release
Yeah, the risk/reward plays a big role. It's much more difficult than chucking dynamite, so it gives more satisfaction if you pull it off. Trying to find a path to the tank with smoke or incendiary grenades and then stay alive long enough t…
  • 1) Primary weapon2) Limpet mine 3) Anything that gave you a multikill
  • - Is the game installed on an SSD? - What is your Resolution Scale set to in the BF1 Main menu Options?- Try to change your Virtual Sync settings to the opposite of what you have now- Disable the Origin in-game overlay - Go to your 3D settings in …
  • I have 19 weapons with >1000 kills. Then there's a whole lot where I have between 500 and 1000 and I still play with those, so eventually they will get 10 stars too. Except for Assault (MP18 Trench) I still don't have a single favorite weapon fo…
  • I don't understand what the first paragraph means, nor what it has to do with the rest of your message. You got banned because you're accused of being younger than 13 years of age and now you want people who use aimbot to be banned?
  • If I'm not mistaken you can pick up someone else's kit from the ground
  • Yeah, it seems that reports are no longer being investigated. So cheaters will not be banned by DICE anymore. Your best bet is to join unofficial (clan)servers. They usually have admins online or a Discord server where you can report someone, who w…

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