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  • Since my first post was seen to be aggressive and was removed, I'll just let vids do the talking on why TKs are fun and should stay I rest my case
  • It's pretty much all I play in BFV Was a Conquest junkie in previous games, but it just doesn't play out the same in V. I've not really enjoyed conquest that much in V at all Breakthrough is where its at for me
  • Throwing knives because they're throwing knives. How can you beat THAT? Nothin better than bringing a knife to a gun fight and WINNING
  • Top 5 for me: 1.) K98 by a country mile at 1,161 kills, 838 headshots 2.) Throwing Knife at 504 3.) ZH-29 at just under 500 4.) M30 drilling at mid 450's 5.) Mp34 low 400's It's the throwing knife kills I'm most proud of. I wish t…
  • WhiteRabbit_swe wrote: » Kongo030 wrote: » Again from a casual noob's perspective who barely managed to grind to lvl 20: The lack of CQB abilities for the average joe makes flag play hard and increases the class grind. You're doomed to play ve…
  • I've been doing this same plan with the Bren to good effect
  • I think it's fine. I rather like the heath bar turning yellow while you're actively being healed.
  • FF-Bulletsponge wrote: » People even use that zeroing stuff? Heck yes I'd rather punch in the 150m zeroing and be more nimble from target to target than try and eyeball for the drop on the fly The less I'm stuck ADSing, trying to get …
  • Sorry, but I've gotten too used to the scope to go without it anymore. Unlimited ammo, immediate spotting for my team when I highlight an enemy or, has a rangefinder, perfect no-glint companion to my regular scope. Flares just are not worth it in…
  • I mean I get what you're saying, and also agree that Medic isn't totally awful. But that's like linking a vid to Stodeh sniping saying "See, Recon is so ez mode"
  • asadqureshy wrote: » I love when the other team is entirely snipers. Take medic, pop smoke and run to the objectives. What are they gonna do in close combat. Easy win. My throwing knives and newly buffed MK IV revolver would like a word wit…
  • 78,285cc gained
    in Coins fix Comment by Gforce81 January 26
  • I'm definitely a Kar98 fan Sure it's the slowest of all the bolt action rifles as far as. ROF, reload goes But I can't get over how nimble it's rounds are, the lack of drop, ease of lining up shots on targets no matter if they're running hor…
  • ITS_BOB_GNARLY wrote: » It was okay. It would be more fun for organised squads, but then you're just pub stomping teams of randos. Great way to pad your stats I guess. Having AFKers in pretty much every match idling for whole games turned me …
  • The question: does this apply to all bipods or just MMG's? Cause I use the supine-bipod a lot as a last ditch attempt to make my bolt action more useful on the point, just blasting out rounds hipfire while it's setup on the bipod I'd be sad t…
  • When both teams are randoms: it's fine I guess. Could take it or leave it. Too small of maps for all classes to be all that useful When 1 team has clan members: mode becomes one of the most unbalanced stomps I've ever seen in a BF game
  • My "best" weapon is the Kar98 King of the bolt actions, everything else pales in comparison. Headshot hunting MACHINE that rifle is.
  • Dr_X2345 wrote: » Oh ok. Thanks, that should really help actually because I'm still struggling with bullet drop at longer ranges coming from Battlefront, where the snipers are literally lasers. Yeah, there is definitely more drop in this. S…
  • It makes it so you have to adjust your sights less for the same distance. It's a totally optional addition; some like it, some don't. I really really like it. I use it all the time. It works like this: Player A is using a rifle without variable z…

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