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  • I believe the bf4 system was better as well. It made more since as it was visual. U knew oh, I have a heavy barrel + ergo + laser + Holo = x stats. Now it’s harder to know just by looking at the gun. Hardline had a good system as well, if he kills …
  • Well assault and engineer could set up like this Assault Assault Rifle+SLR G1-Gernade Rifle G2-Dynamite Gernade- Frag, Incinerating Engineer Shotgun+Carbine G1-Launches G2-AT Stuff Gernade-Smoke, AT nade, Sticky Not best solution but I know it’s p…
  • (Quote) Well I can’t say on the bf2 part but Assualt as always been the dominant class in the past few entrees so reducing its effectiveness would maybe balance it against other classes. A modern game would help with this issue to imo
  • (Quote) This is why the engineer needs to return so there’s someone to relay more then the other classes to fix and blow up vehicles
  • (Quote) Well BF V isn’t really historically accurate is it. The engineer class would be a welcome addition I think that puts more emphasis on vehicle support/destroy. Assault should be focused on infantry more as most of the assaults use the gadget…
  • If Bf V had the Enginner Class DICE would have to give gadgets to Assault and Support Class. Also deciding which guns to give, probably taking shotguns for support. The AT stuff and Pazerfausts(and other launchers) would be gadgets.(Maybe the repa…
  • (Quote) I thought they fixed this
  • RSP would help with this if done right of course
  • (Quote) Well then snipers can camp with a ammo box and health all day And everyone would use the op guns Vehicles would stand less of a chance cause once everyone knows where it is everyone is spawning in with a Launch or dynamite
  • (Quote) Well if there were special guns locked behind a Combat Role then I would say yes they are Sub-Classes, but since that’s not a thing anymore(I think) then I’ll just say the Combat Roles are just like perks(expect on classes) Wish we could …
  • (Quote) Well...in past games some classes were overpowered, and the ratio between them and other classes were big. With more classes, the balance could be better and allow for more fair engagements(maybe)
  • (Quote) Not really they’re more like perks
  • (Quote) Great idea similar to bf2 then The Combat Roles would then need to be split up(unless we trash them)
  • (Quote) To add to your beautiful list how about: Assault -Tank Sabotage(not really realistic is any way btw) 1)This guy can open tank hatches and toss explosives in them to blow them up. He is exposed during the animation and can be shot(but if e…
  • (Quote) On the blog post I believe it clearly states to me that all melee attacks are lethal for the melee expert trait And the locking on thing is l believe one of the physical animations but just swiping and killing is probably good enough
  • (Quote) How do Bfv Upgrades have weaker areas? They only strengthen u. Unless the weaker thing is that I can’t have that other perk that’s on the opposite tree of what I chose.
  • (Quote) The Upgrades have a weaker side? To me they only give u pros, no downsides. Unless you’re talking about me choosing one path and the “weaker” part is I can’t have the other things. But it doesn’t matter because I’m not penalized for it in t…
  • (Quote) How are Bfv upgrades weaker they don’t penalize u only strengthen u. Or is it the fact that I can’t have the other thing on the other progression tree that’s weakening it
  • (Quote) This guy has it down and explains it better the me
  • (Quote) Ok back on your Varients have cons thing, how do they have cons at all when there are no drawbacks? Sure I miss out on the other Upgrades when I choose the opposite path, but that doesn’t mean those are cons. Please explain that.

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