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  • So were BF1 servers similar or are they now the same as BFV's?? Because whatever has happened they play very differently.
  • Well thats a large amount of the issue. There simply isn't enough servers across the world to cover the whole player base which for a company the size of EA isn't great. 
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I can honestly say i never or at least rarely experienced high ping players with the UK servers, with the German servers being the central European location OOR players will draw to them to get games, regardless of using in the serv…
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TBH i think its both the game and the servers. I can't put my finger on it and am the least knowledgeable on pings/connections etc etc but something isn't right. The UK servers were smooth and very well functioning but the German se…
  • ^Pretty much. Not just UK players as there would have been EU players as well on those servers at times. It feels pretty much a completely different game. 
  • Because i have the same issues with BF1 as BFV. Only really noticed yesterday. Didn't have any issues with BF1 before BFV dropped. 
  • I don't care what anyone says, EA, Dice whoever. These servers are pretty poor standard. Definitely worse than BF1's were IMO. Unless maybe your internet is incredibly good then maybe you have no problems but if its mediocre. Thats were problems hit…
  • Fixed it would seem. Ranked back up to 50 again in my profile section. 
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I get why it has scope glint it can still one shot headshot like all snipers even if thats range specific but with it being prone only and what seems such a slow muzzle velocity there has to be trade offs. 
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I wasn't trying to. I was aiming at support players i think and I couldn't judge the drop for what seemed a really easy shots with any sniper rifle  and all i got was hitmarks. Despite aiming and shooting multiple times at them, adj…
  • I’m guessing either the OP is searching for bait or being sarcastic. It’s the worst weapon added so far and that says something because most have been awful. I’d class myself as a decent sniper, able to instinctively adjust for bullet drop but thing…
  • On my career rank it says 49 and with like 5k to earn, then after earning 5k each round up pops the Rank 50.
  • Yeah i'm beginning to think i need a new router. I'll give it a thorough search. No new internet enabled devices since this occurred. I should contact my ISP to make sure but trying to explain my internet is good but i have an issue with a game is g…
  • I think i found it although i might have made the wrong setting as my internet speed tanked, to what felt like 1mb. The router isn't particular great and isn't the most user friendly. Especially for someone with pretty limited knowledge with this st…
  • Don't have another router to try. This one is just over a year old. How would i throttle my speed??
  • Well it appears i have a buffer bloat issue with my upload speed, like completely all red bar. Download is the odd minimal ones. The broadband monitor test was 43mb ps download and 15mb up. 
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I’ll look into that. I guess I’m just puzzled as to why it’s happening. Had no problems in BF1 with the Germans server but in V. Went back and played 1 again and had the same issues. It might just be me, I don’t know. Just feels d…
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Rebooted router loads of times. Tried at least 2 cables. Done port forwarding but not DMZ. rebuild the database yesterday and reset the default settings. TalkTalk and Tp link Archer VR400. Don’t know how to do monitor test or look u…
  • I could get the image to show correctly if you meant me. 

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