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  • (Quote) I agree with the zoom being lower changes recoil. Fov settings also make a difference. I’m at 90 fov and with 1.25x on the Burton I have little recoil.
    in about zoom Comment by Imabaka70 May 2019
  • (Quote) On the m1897 from long range it could be slug hit with one being a headshot Not improbable.
  • (Quote) I’m nearing 67 service stars with the bayonet on bf1. Lots of sentries and prone/corner campers have met their end that way.
  • (Quote) This is true many times I couldn’t kill the pilot or bring the plane done the bayonet gets me out of bomb paths.
  • (Quote) Yup I’ve done that a couple times as well. I finally got a plane from horse back a few nights ago lol. Generally I never use the sword or lance. I use the rifle and do hit and run tactics. In my opinion the horse rider already goes down s…
  • You want to take out calavary easy? Toss light tank grenades at them and actually hit them with them. They are considered vehicles so the LT grenade explodes on impact just like planes and vehicles.
  • (Quote) There are a few of us insane scout players that play up close relying heavily on secondaries and flares. There is a reason I have 100 service stars on the obrez and almost 70stars on one knife lol.
  • (Quote) The Random number gods did not like that person that day. Lol
  • Good to hear I generally only use the parabellum on close quarters maps like fort devo and Amiens. It’s my most used lmg. I generally prefer the Burton myself to bait planes for a grenade kill.
  • Operations on montee grappa or operations on foa fortress. Is the best. Just stay near someone using the AA properly and steal the kill lol
  • (Quote) Au contraire I have always been told that if you don’t have a super high KDR then the honeys will not flock to you at all. In fact I heard rumors of Steve Jobs and Henery Ford hiring solely based on someone’s K/d ratio
  • (Quote) Left or right on the d-pad on a controller. It’s the same as a gadget. Personally I refuse to use them as it takes away from one of the responsibilities of a good medic. Healing and reviving. It’s why I never have unlocked the General Liu …
  • (Quote) Add to this that the sites I’ve seen look fishier than low tide at the pier, the sites supposedly have these hacks are most likely a scam. Put your card in and watch your bank account get drained. I get the same response as you have “just s…
  • (Quote) I remember it was before the dog tag tracker UI was made so you had no idea for sure if you actually accomplished the mission. I remember playing and doing what was needed a lot every day it was available. After all I went thru to get tha…
  • Was it the drilling perhaps? It has a rifle mode that can one shot headshot at any distance. That or people are using slugs and headshot killing you at 50m or less
  • (Quote) Can’t get my at 1800+ spm camping. Hill Campers I refer to as free headshots. Though a limpit on top of a camper is fun I’d rather take their dog tags to add to my 13k+ collection
  • (Quote) Let me guess “real men” play assualt with 100 service Star hellriegels spraying bullets all over because they can’t aim properly? Please don’t be a jerk to others. One other thing not all scouts lay on a hill staring down their scope all …
  • (Quote) Other dirty tactics are to throw mines in front of light vehicles on their give me flags
  • I’ve been the Stuka pilot that litters the road with mines all over the place. I get shot down then for the rest of the round giggle as I keep getting kills
  • As Disposalist said it requires a decent balance to be good. If your attacking team is weak ptfo’n you are not going anywhere. If your defense likes to run away it’s gonna be a steam roll. I personally like operations and it’s my go to mode when b…

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