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  • Are they right for being angry, that depends on your expectations. You obviously want a more accurate and immersive experience, so this does matter to you. I want good gameplay and mechanics, so it doesn't matter to me(much). Battlefield isn't reall…
  • (Quote) No, but you can find it here https://youtu.be/c9W0RGXmFtc?t=1651
  • (Quote) 
I am curious how they are going to handle the content drop for the Pacific as well. If they release weapons and vehicles through ToW, are they going to release them leading up to the drop of the Pacific, or when it arrives will it b…
  • We didn't really learn anything new. I thought it was interesting the way they talked about Lofoten Islands and Provence, Lars talked about watching how players interact with smaller modes "like Squad Conquest" and with that in mind DICE L…
  • (Quote) 
The rules of the forum for one, and the mods who will lock this as well... Even though it's old news, I'm excited for it as I haven't played a BC game before. 
  • (Quote) 
He wasn't sniped, 1, you can hear the explosion. 2, no weapon can OHK with full HP and two plates. 3, his body was tossed as if he was close to the explosion and 4, the person who you saw at the end was on the dark side of the mine,…
  • You flipped the Staghound, and vehicles take damage when flipped. Currently, there is a bug where if you enter a vehicle then leave it, and it gets destroyed, you die with it regardless of how close you are to it. So while you got out and ran away, …
  • They are an insta kill to about 13m IIRC. Further than that and it could take two or more. Within that range they are an insta kill regardless of where you hit them.
  • I think there is a bug where if you leave a vehicle and it gets destroyed you die even if you're not in or close to it. 
  • Ok, that's what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • (Quote) 
Yeah, DannyonPC did a video on it and said Recon is getting it. I'm not sure about this, because vehicles aren't the primary target of recons, what's to stop them from just using it on infantry? It'll be interesting to see how DICE …
  • (Quote) 
Yeah, I have a PC and tried M/K on some games and just felt stupid. With console catering to the casual audience it's not likely many are going to go through the hassle of converting to M/K. You can get pretty decent with a controll…
  • It's my understanding that it was added to tell the player they are healing and not at full health, as there was an issue with players going into combat while damaged and would die sooner than expected. (Related to this issue was an problem with the…
  • (Quote) 
Xbox, home of the peasants.
  • (Quote) 
Yeah, I'm NA. What platform are you on?
  • I play with a group of guys and we managed to get five in a row one night, that same night we won 8 out of 10 matches. 
  • (Quote) 
Yup, most of the time I don't even try to get it on the side ways view, I just wait for the switch.  Interesting to see them increase the max number of plates you can carry in Firestorm from 3 to 5. Most seem to think there is too …
  • I didn't really care much for it. I don't remember who said this or where I saw it, but someone from DICE said Grind will not be added as a permanent mode. I wouldn't count out seeing it again as a limited time mode in the future though.   
  • (Quote) 
Do you have proof that most console users use M/K? Also, using M/K isn't going to magically make the user better, M/K has a higher skill ceiling that has better potential over analog sticks, but you actually need to be able to take …
  • It's kinda fun to use. But there are definitely better options. Redeeming things about it, OHK headshot or 2BTK up to 30m, Suppressed, and you can put a 3x on it. The bad, bullet velocity(280-308 m/s), damage at range can go up to a 4BTK @ >75m, …

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