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  • (Quote) Not a fan of that instant syringe revive. I remember seeing a video in bf1 where the player was catapulted into the air from a tank shell and was revived by a medic before the body hit the floor. It leads to ridiculous revive trains and som…
  • Cool, thanks for all the replies, interesting responses and good to see some other points of view. Obviously people on here have a much better grasp of the whole rbd thing than me so i can only go on my own experiences. I loved bf1 at the time but I…
  • (Quote) Yeah makes sense that medics class is more useful in game modes where the engagement distance is shorter (breakthrough/frontlines/grind etc). I can see how in conquest it would feel fairly useless most of the time.
  • (Quote) Yeah I'm with this too. I've loved it from day one, (obvious bugs aside) it's just the lack of maps that's preventing me playing more consistently. I will concede tho that bf1 felt more gritty and more like a war zone, the tone isn't right…
  • (Quote) That's similar to what I've heard from others. I really think that rbd punished those players using fully automatic weapons which I why I felt frustrated by the mechanic. I guess you could argue it was a ww1 game and so the fully automatic …
  • (Quote) Why can't more people do this! Good tactic on the smoke from the tank too
  • The same problem was in bf1 operations and I actually think it was a bigger problem than in breakthrough. Bf1 had the added ability for medics to sit in the attackers zone, not push forward and basically play like a sniper but with health packs, it …
  • Question for those people who really enjoyed the gunplay in bf1. Did you generally use a single fire rifle or did you mainly use a fully automatic? I found it incredibly frustrating to have my cross hair on someone's head but because of the rbd the…
  • Yep, for me this is without doubt the best gunplay there's been in bf. This is obviously putting aside the bugs, 1 frame deaths, mmgs etc. The way the guns feel and react are so much better than in previous games. Bf1 rbd was terrible, if you used a…
  • Oh look another 'im done post'. Seriously!? Can you just stop playing the game rather than feeling the need to announce it to everyone. It's so incredibly boring.
  • (Quote) I had this issue with Bf1 and it drove me insane. I paid for all the dlc but less than half the maps had operations on them, they were all conquest. So if you like conquest all good, if you don't then you are paying for content you won't p…
    in Marita Comment by JamieCurnock July 31
  • (Quote) That's the worry. Dice did exactly that with Bf1. Under half the paid for dlc was available in operations mode, the only way to experience it all was through conquest. From memory it was like 6 maps for operations out of 16 dlc maps. I may …
  • Also, the ironic thing is that these elites stand out more than other soldiers (visibility wise) so I tend to attack these elites over other players. They actually give a disadvantage to players despite shelling out money on them. It's Hysterical.
  • My only gripe is that they cost about 8 quid or more. If they were a few quid, £3 maybe I would have bought them all, as it stands I refuse to buy any of them at that price. I'm sure there are other people that feel like this too.
  • (Quote) I know, it's kind of unbelievable. That 'live service' is really paying off hey!
  • just saw an update on Reddit about this, breakthrough won't be included whenever Al Sandan does eventually release, they are "working on it" apparently, we know what that means tho.......soldier dragging anyone? Can't believe they are scr…
  • Its way way op compared to all other handguns. I only just changed to start using it, it's a beast, literally no point using anything else.
  • (Quote) Ah ok, nice one. I imagine it will be, just nothing concrete so far it seems. Why are dice so bad at the basics though!? Just list the game modes it is/will be playable on. It's surely not hard to give that level of info.
  • Cool, yeah dice are crap etc. Do you know if its going to be playable as breakthrough or not?
  • (Quote) But the sniper rifle can consistently kill people at very long range, I do it all the time. Of course people do get away but that's why I need to Improve my aim, that's the challenge of the recon class. More to the point, why are you attac…

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