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  • Fans : hey DICE please make a remake of modern BF ? DICE: hi , we created so much bugs and latency problems (and the list goes on) so that you can go back to playing BF4!! wow . oh and by the way thanks for your 60$ 
  • The best thing is that BF was quick to "Hotfix" the epic cosmetic glitch that time but now they cant fix the Latency issue or it takes them weeks to fix the Invisible skins issue .. The worst of it all is that we as players on a server get…
  • Thanks DICE now you have made the game literally unplayable for everyone . Whats the point of Playing BF because you have local servers if i can just as well have a ping of a other countries server of 150ms  C'mon guys fix your game damnit
  • Hi There Battlefield Team i know there are a lot of issues and stuff still in progress and i must say so far BFV has been for me a excellent game no doubt . Keep up the hard work guys .. i also want to ask if the devs can tell us as a South African …
  • much agreed feels like a waste of money buying a game that only US and EU can play . what about the loyal customers in Africa??
  • I hope BFV will also have one or two Firestorm servers for South Africa as that would make gameplay much more enjoyable and fun. They should also make Firestorm a gameplay mode so that you can search which server you want to join.
  • (Quote) you should try joining a SA server and feel the difference the Ping makes to your game , I also played on EU servers since BF4 but they always seem to be one step ahead of me . Playing BFV and BF4 on a SA server really makes a difference in…
  • (Quote) hi i also struggled but when you select africa as the region and at slots just leave that with no selection (as in dont select any option or deselect everything you have selected) you should get many servers for SA i play every day just BF1…

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