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  • No the gun no matter which mode be it semi auto Or automatic has a bit of sway after firing. I felt even a bit more with bolt action mode but again may have just been me. Also do you have the bayonet on? The bayonet increases recoil as well as ma…
  • Sounds like a bug I haven’t had those issues using that weapon. Interesting I may try picking it up again and I’ll let you know!
  • @LOLGotYerTags Dad! He’s doing it again!!
  • Rogue-Mike wrote: » NANI!? My Japanese is rusty but Hai Tashikani! Yep “what” is right! I have this same issue I just now make sure I have time to steady my aim before firing. Been sticking with medium range.
  • bapman63 wrote: » KriZ_Rul3Z wrote: » I appreciate your help in my attack plane, but could you please: - stop shooting at everything miles away, giving away our position? Especially when I'm on 20HP, I kind of want to hide and repair. - gi…
  • I just have bad wrists but I try my best as your tail gunner! I communicate via mic and I hold my fire for tailgating enemies! I may not be a pilot but I am a seasoned tanker and I feel your pain my fellow friends!
  • Huh..... had that happen last night on passhendale enemy spawned right in front of me out side a contested flag. Also on Argonne playing u.s. we controled brave and they just took c for an enemy to spawn back turned in front of me on the bravo Argon…
  • Been playing since alpha my guns are oldies but goodies! Assault: (primary-mp18 trench), (secondary-hellfighter trench shotgun), (tertiary-machine pistol experimental) Medic: (primary-cei rigotti optical), (secondary-general leu storm), (tertiar…
  • Yes I feel your pain! Been this way since beta! People you see me in a tank goin my squad and communicate! I could care less if you use nothing but comma rose commands. Just get on those side guns and help me. Prioritize tanks assaults and elites!
  • Matty101yttam wrote: » TBH i suggested that gas and incendiary grenades set each other off a while back, i thought mixing the 2 to create an explosion before cancelling each other out would lead to a whole other level of strategy and tactics with …
  • I don’t have a wide access to internet options from where I live,_Arizona I either choose century link $20 a month unlimited or Hughes net $120 50 gb a month. Century link gets me 1.5 mb/s Hughes net 10-…
  • robmcewen wrote: » Is it just me or has anyone else getting killed by invisible gas? Been happening to me for about a month now. There’s been invisible gas since beta hasn’t gone away just happens less frequently than in the past
  • Compared to the howdah and Webly though colt .45 has less recoil at least that’s my experience l. Sorry I own a post ww1 colt .45 that was passed down from father to sun. Love the gun!
  • The gas grenades whether they be grenade, tank shells or realeased like smoke, or mortar truck are in fact chlorine gas. In short yes especially when mixed with iron It can be. Chlorine gas, also known as bertholite, was first used as a weapon in…
  • Edit: Just realized this is a bloody necro! See I start smoking and drinking and don’t even pay attention!! GoldenWrench67 wrote: » The only time I ever really play my music, everything is loud. I set it at about 50% back ground, crank up the…
  • Matty101yttam wrote: » KermitJ wrote: » Run outta bullets pretty quick it’s a pseudo automatico. Spread is nuts and ya run out of bullets quick Spread is not nuts, its actually CRAZY accurate, the jarring of the screen may be putting pe…
  • Run outta bullets pretty quick it’s a pseudo automatico. Spread is nuts and ya run out of bullets quick
  • JoseAlderino wrote: » Dunno. I keep getting killed by MP18 optical from ridiculous distances. Guys, keep in mind that in order to kill people from 100m you can't expect smg to do the job well. It has to be hard from further than like 40m away. Wou…
  • I prefer clubs I can get two swings out faster than I can a heavy. Also there takedown animation with the enemy standing from behind is pretty quick. Dunno I carry a switch on me irl for self defense so just really enjoy clubs. More utility faster …
  • So make the spread start happening at medium range. Mp18 optical use to be just barely usable out to about 20-30 feet.....just barely Now it’s only usable at spitting distance

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