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  • I'm having the same issue. It came with 4.4 update. Happening also with DX11 but not so often.
  • Everything is up to date. No change on temps, no dust. Just update 4.4 that is causing a lot of crashes. I think update broke DX12 because with DX11 I've not seen crashes so far after playing couple of rounds. Still some huge drops on FPS every now …
  • (Quote) 
 I've had multiple crashes to desktop after the update. "luckily" I'm not the only one...
  • (Quote) 
 I'm having Conquest servers visible and I can join them but those are overcrowded, more than 4 people in queue in every server. Northern Europe.
  • I can only see full conquest servers or actually those that are having couple of people already in queue. Filter can't find any empty nor less than full servers. Some bug in this update or did they reduce the amount of conquest servers?
  • Update 4.4: I got half of squad conquest played. Huge stutter and crash to desktop. Second try, 3 minutes playing, stutter and crash. I thought this update was also about fixing bugs, stutter and crashes? Well, my problems started now big time, than…
  • Two New Maps - Lofoten Islands and Provence (Available on Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch) --- When will these two and Al Sundan be available for Conquest?
  • I make one positive comment about BFV and instantly people are trying to convince me that I'm wrong, having rose tinted glasses, low standards and so on LOL. I've played BF franchise from the beginning and in my opinion this version is not worse tha…
  • Very rarely I see anything positive in BF forums but still people are playing BFV and posts a lot but mostly negative. Negative attitude won't bring anything good so if you don't like the franchise, go away and do something else that makes you happy…
  • How could they know best place for AA's because Sweden never participated the actual war... or developers just want people suffer while playing....
    in fjell Comment by Kompura August 27
  • I just tried to use AP mines after a while but I don't know what to do with them as they are not for killing enemies obviously at the moment. Didn't see any rats or other small animals to kill with it either. Does anyone know what we should do with …
  • (Quote) 
I'm also having that ~15 sec stutter/lagging when playing the 
first match after launching the game. Just wondering what causes it?
  • AA perfect, right... you can shoot bomber all day long with AA and it just smashes you like a fly, if not at first run, it just gets new load and finishes the job.
  • I'm a very unskilled pilot, but still the only threat for me as a bomber is a fighter, not any ground force. Not stationary AA nor mobile AA. I can pretty freely just do bomb run after bomb run and fix the plane when getting more bombs and I can eve…
  • I just can't understand how these kind of bugs passes their quality assurance unless they're not having one at all. I've never seen so many "easy" low hanging user experience bugs not corrected than in BFV. Either they're having serious la…
  • I tried to play Firestorm today after having break with it. 3-5 minute waiting to find a server, 2-3 minutes to autostart the game because server was not full, I landed and went to a transport vehicle. In less than a minute there was a guy with 4 pa…
  • After this weeks update #1.1, my pc started to crash couple of times a day. No notification, just crashing to desktop.
    in Start crashing Comment by Kompura July 7
  • I saw one of those garden gnomes in Arras near church and shoot it. After a while it came back with red gloving eyes, LOL. Then it disappeared leaving just red smoke. Round ended so I don't know if it would haunt me for longer time.
  • Not many frame drops anymore and running smoother. Need to test more but first thoughts positive. 8700K+2080Ti+16GB RAM.

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