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  • ProAssassin2003 wrote: » Hawxxeye wrote: » ProAssassin2003 said: It's sad my favorite thing to do in Battlefield is so bad. Tanks are a joke and anybody that defends how they're in BFV have no clue what they are talking about. Imo They can…
  • stabbinhobo wrote: » Splash damage.. tanks have 0 splash dmg. When you have 5 assaults chasing a tank you know the current setup is broke as heck. Love hitting a guy in the chest with a main tank round and doing 40 dmg. Or putting a round at his f…
  • Player_rs688is9 wrote: » Play it right and it is insanely good. Have a Good gunner and some infantrysupport and the tank is deadly as hell on bfv. When i play it right peope accuse me of being a camper or something like that, so
  • ninjapenquinuk wrote: » Noodlesocks said: I've been thinking of some sort of smoke grenade for recon or something. When thrown and deployed it will star smoking like the artillery flares and all the planes on the team would be notified that a req…
  • Erlendl wrote: » U can freelook when in cockpit Those are really bad
  • ElliotLH wrote: » CT1924 wrote: » ElliotLH said: Just do it yourself when RSP comes out. And also I'm sorry but this, to me, sounds like it will only appeal to a minority of players. I suspect that you realise that yourself though since yo…
  • Skitelz7 wrote: » I wish they could take the War Thunder physics and put them into this game. I played a lot of that before jumping into BFV and the planes on here just feel pathetically goofy. So much so that I don't even bother with them. …
  • y_j_es_i wrote: » They could literally just undo that last planes patch. It’s astonishing how badly they ****ed it up Ikr, when i wanted realistic planes i didnt mean *violation* manueverability
  • killingstreet97 wrote: » would be a good idea if dice made it actually good and have matchmaking though it could be a little fun to see how long you can defend a base  Good idea (maybe add attacking bombers and stukas to increase difficulty)
  • Masqerader wrote: » LINKERBLOX said: Destroying ground targets while on air is very painful, you cant find them easily because they dont render well, in my opinion if you go on cockpit view and zoom in, everything in front of you should be spotte…
  • Hawxxeye wrote: » SirBobdk said: It's hard but not impossible with 1st view + zoom. Imo it's fine, otherwise planes would be farming more than the all ready do. what about making it  so that the planes can see and find enemies better but t…
  • II-Katyusha-II wrote: » It's automatically unlocked if you own Premium or the In The Name of the Tsar DLC. There's no other way? Thx anyway

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