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  • What store gave you a free warranty? Best Buy's warranty covers screen burn but its 1K for 5 years!
  • I didnt know this is possible. Will it help with problems with high latency?
  • Are you serious, did you even read the Forbes article? That forum references the Forbes article that provided, (lol) was edited because I contacted John Archer myself to tell him Battlefield 1 only supports Atmos on PC. You are the one who needs to …
  • Dice has never stated support for Atmos on Xbox, only PC so far. The Dolby app can do a virtual surround but its not native support. There's only a handful of native Atmos games on Xbox, you can read about it hear... https://www.forbes.com/sites/joh…
  • At the very least DICE could add Dolby Atmos support–Atmos is supported on PC. I just cant believe DICE is ignoring the X and MS had the marketing right to the game. I though they would get better treatment. Guess we will have to wait for BF18.
  • This is incorrect. On the PC there is BF1 Dolby Vision support. It just comes down to processing power. The X does have enough processing power to handle Dolby Vision. Sony's flagship TVs that have the Extreme X1 chip will get a Dolby Vision update.…
  • I just want Dolby Vision support for the X. Even if there was a paid App like Dolby Atmos just give us the option.
  • Is Dolby Vision support only on PC?? DICE added it in the Nov update but doesnt state its for consoles. I sure would LOVE that.
  • Theres no special patch for the X, correct? Its basically just benefiting from brute force horsepower?
  • What I don't understand is that MS had marketing rights to BF1. Hell there was even a bundle so I can understand DICE being silent on the BF1 PS4 Pro version. I hope DICE has something in store for the X. FIFA, Madden, NFS, Titanfall and Battlefront…
  • I asked this very question a while ago and received no response. Theres been very little said about Xbox One X support so far. Im sure it will happen at some point. Hoping for Atmos as well. Out of all the game that are getting support (Gears 4, Ass…
  • Pretty good article you might want to check out. I promised myself I'd wait until next year to upgrade to HDMI 2.1 and HDR. Its gonna be a long wait! :'( https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2017/09/07/sorry-destiny-2-but-battlefield-1-just-got…
  • Is the HDR option only on the Xbox One S? I have a launch Xbox One running CTE. I see no HDR option. Normally HDR options are greyed out.
  • It's been confirmed on Xbox One S there is a HDR menu in the CTE video settings. Anyone notice this on the PS4/Pro?
  • So I guess high dynamic range (HDR10) isn't in the CTE? I was also hoping for Dolby Atmos support. I don't understand why the PC supports Atmos but the PS4 doesnt.
  • So does the CTE support HDR10?
  • There are rumors that HDR is working on CTE for Xbox One. I download CTE last night for my Pro, any confirmation on HDR for PS4?
  • Perhaps adding HDR will increase lag? The lack of any updates makes me think we won't be getting it now. I rather DICE adds Dolby Atmos but thats slim as well.
  • Bump, any HDR news? Good grief, I though DICE would have added support by now. Also Xbox now supports Dolby Atmos I hope BF 1 get support for that as well.
  • DICE has stated (on twitter) they are committed to bringing HDR to Battlefield 1. Im hoping the delay is because they're going to support Dolby Vision. Mass Effect Andromeda, a Frostbite 3 powered game is supporting DV so theres hope for BF1. Read B…

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