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  • Thank you so much for this knowledge, I ❤ you! From the formal #1 in The world Syringe killer of BF1!!
  • Yeah sometimes body's get stuck in weird objects and cannot be revived. To your question, yes it's a dirty tactic that people use some do it to help complete medals etc. Best thing to do is learn the common hiding places and check them out, good he…
  • Revive wise you do have to be pretty accurate when reviving sometimes you will miss because you poke air. (Mastering the medic slide is a good thing to efficiently revive). However my original post on Killing still stands, however after recent patc…
  • 1.Battle reports- Being able to see detailed reports gain would be nice! Having to always relay on a 3rd party system now kinda sucks, as alot say we miss battlelog :-( 2.Leaderboards- global,local, overall and system based. There's alot of us that…
  • 1st off no one is ever to old to play video games :-). My mother still plays and she is close to your age. I game with a few guys in there 50's. First off K/D in battlefield is not a major thing, you can hit the top of the leaderboards with 0 kills…
  • This has been a major issue on PS4 also, I have been pushing my own report however no one has seemed to notice. I play XB1 also(lucky it hasn't happen to me much on there yet, but I just got a XB1). On PS4 since last patch now you can't even switch…
  • Love the idea, however actually going underground digging I think would strain the game, maybe AI digging(locked mine door until complete) that then once they reach the site opens up the mine shafts to then place the charges. Similar to how carrier…
  • I agree need a option to turn it off, or dont allow it of someones in a match already. This is like the only feature that works, as far as squading with friends. Wish we could go back to the BF3 Pre game squading and one click join your friend in ma…

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