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Pretty much. Open maps with little cover gets dominated by Vehicles. Even if you move in as a squad it is really hard to takedown a smart pilot or a tanker.  I tend to avoid those maps all together. Yes I do and yes they do. I'd love to ta…
  • I don't use it because it feels cheap.  Doesn't require much skill to use and it is pretty powerful, thus not as rewarding as using a sniper rifle, or a weaker self loading variant. And it is only useful within a certain range and almost completely …
  • That thing would be pretty cool in a night setting or a map with very dim light.
  • Yeah no, whine all you want. Planes are OP. I see 50-0 pilots all the time. All they do is kill infantry at spawn points.  And goodluck finding a random team that focus on killing planes.
Amen brother. This will sound like an old dude talking to his grandson and saying "men were tougher back in the day", but I don't care. Gamers weren't such snowflakes back in the day. Smack talking was a norm, and people weren't …
I do like the world war 1 atmosphere(there is no doubt that BF1 is ahead of Bf4 in terms of visuals and audio), but there is no comparison between old weapons and modern ones. It is linear progression. Bf4 wins by a landslide. 
This. I love typing "ez" at the end of a very close game just because it is funny. If it is a steam roll I'll rather type "gg wp."
Then you shouldn't play a game where people can get 360 no scope kills and get revived after taking a bullet to their face with a syringe. BF apart from its visuals is not a realistic shooter. Most games are nonsense in that regard. As for…
 Common sense.  I might be wrong of course, but I don't think I can be far off either.  I also wouldn't be surprised if dedicated hardcore player base was much lower than what I said it is.
  • I've been playing BF since bc2 and never played hardcore. Never felt the need to as BF is tactical enough with pretty fast TTK and a player base prone to camping even with an informative HUD. So no, Dice doesn't have to listen to 5-10% of the playe…
That's such a broad question. It depends on your budget. My specs are average/below average for todays standarts and they run both BF1 and BFV pretty well.  But if you want to spend money on PC I'd suggest something more future proof, mea…
  • Not buying into the "realism" argument. Lots of things aren't realistic in the game, it is not a gold standart. "Flinching" and "fear" are redundant mechanics that'd hinder the gameplay aspect. I think supression should…
  • Visually 100% Game looks decent, not much different than BFV, surpasses it when it comes to photorealistic scenery imo.  As for gameplay, it lacks certain practicalities and improvements BFV had, but it is still decent. If you can get it cheap, it i…
Yeah I don't know. Like the above poster mentioned, supression feels like an artificial mechanic, why would you miss even when you aim and shoot perfectly ? Makes no sense. Takes away from the skill aspect of the game. Also the random bulle…
  • The only problem with BF1 is that the gun mechanics(especially the autoamtic rifles and smgs) feel really bad after Bfv. In BFV you could learn the recoil on a weapon and then start getting conssistent kills with it. In BF1 unless it is really close…
  • The only visibility problem I have with BF1 are the night time maps, especially preaise de tahure. It is really hard to see the enemies unless they are marked.
Yeah I have 500+ on BF1 and 400 on BFV.  I tried ribeyrolles(both games have it) and it is impossible to control and hit on longer ranges on BF1. Very inconsistent.
  • Although I have to admit after BFV, hit reg, random bullet deviation and recoil on certain weapons feel really clunky in BF1. I wish netcode and gun mechanics were brought up to date.
Haven't played BF4 in a long time but I reinstalled BF1 and it looks and plays great. It feels like there isn't much graphical difference betweeen BF1 and BFV and for some reason BF1 even looks more photorealistic in certain maps. Runs smoo…

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