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  • (Quote) I’ll have a look tonight, any idea on what the button/ control is called?
  • (Quote) There were scopes and AA sites and all sorts of BF1. Even the Parabellum, which had a fire rate of 800 something had the option to have a small scope on it. It was awful in rapid fire, but firing small squirts or laying down prone it become…
    in MMGS Comment by LankRich April 2019
  • (Quote) If there is, could you tell me? I’ve scoured through the control settings to see if there is anything that can work and I can’t find anything. I can’t remember who’s video it was, but I swear that in the alpha, they had it the way the way i…
  • I play on PS4 and I love it, it’s one of the most immersive things they’ve added to the games. Yeah it is loud, but it’s also a mass bombardment of shells, there should be nothing toned down or limited about that.
  • To be fair, I think that tanks have the capacity to be quite good, but its how they handle that makes them so useless now. In previous Battlefields, tank drivers were never scared to take on infantry head on and get stuck in. But all I'm seeing now…
  • (Quote) I don’t think we should stop discussing it though. I mean I’m probably wrong with this, but surely if it’s consistnetly brought up on the thread, it should be seen and at least acknowledged to some extent? Additionally, if they looked at th…
    in MMGS Comment by LankRich April 2019
  • As much as I hate to admit it, but I really think the system they’ve got in place just promotes camping. Like everyone’s saying, if you’re having to stop to deploy your bipod when you’re out running and gunning, you’re gonna get your head turned in…
    in MMGS Comment by LankRich April 2019
  • I’m glad but also not glad that are more of you who feel this way. Also I don’t really know understand the route they’re going down with ground attack planes. For instance for the Allies, I think the only real contender and threat for attacking gr…
  • (Quote) Dog fights usually result in one pilot crashing into the ground from being unable to pull up. The Ju88 is your best all round option for dogfights and bombing runs now
  • I would much rather be able to aim down the sites (to an extent) like we have been able to in every other battlefield game, but at the expense of hideous recoil. If they found that balance, it would be a million times better than what it is now.
    in MMGS Comment by LankRich April 2019
  • (Quote) 
It may have been the patch before Firestorm, or the one which was released with it; but they changed the physics of the fighters and change the way they handle, which they said would favour the more experienced pilot...
  • (Quote) 
Gotta keep an eye out for the snakes out there. But yeah you can get banned, so just don't make it blindingly obvious if you're going to try it
  • (Quote) 
Also some of the challenges can be completed in Combined Arms which always helps!
  • (Quote) 
When you're in a game, go to the server info and find the server number. Then get them to search for that number from the multiplayer menu- its very hit or miss though! 
  • Get a friend to join the same server as you, hope they're on the enemy team and get them to put a spawn beacon down in an objective area and do it that way
  • I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am definitely not buying premium/ deluxe pass for any future Battlefield title again. I was stupid enough to preorder the game before I saw the initial trailer and with the anticipation that it would actually be…
  • Feel free to disagree and tell me otherwise in the comments, but I think the people who bought the deluxe version of this game shouldn't have to spend any more money for 'Epic'/ elite skins.  Granted, I was one of the naive idiots who bought the de…
  • They're giving such little incentive for players to buy deluxe for the next title they release. But I was really surprised that they didn't offer anything with the latest update.
  • Still having no luck coming to terms with the way the planes feel now. I honestly think the Ilya-Muromets off BF1 had a tighter turning circle than the VA at the moment. They've ****** up so badly with this

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