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  • Glad to see you guys enjoying the game just as much as i am! See you on the battlefield!
  • Oo i LOVE it, big battlefield fan over here, even better when you squad up with your friends! If you want send me a friend request on PSN if you everr wanna squad up, im from the US EAST COAST, Cookiieeessss is my PSN
  • (Quote) Ooo okay my bad about that
  • Yea i noticed that but thats only for Ps4 party chat, any moderators can help explain?
  • Woke up and its still not working! Anybody have any other luck? My premium code worked though, weird
  • Well at least we know what the issue is and now its just the waiting game... I appreciate all the answers fellas
  • (Quote) If it still says pre order on psn store than maybe thats why the codes arent working, i would give it a shot in the AM once its early released is fully complete
  • Hopefully its just a bug atm, im gonna try it again tm morning to see if it makes a difference
  • Its called real life mode, not HC mode, DICE releassd gameplay footage of it a while back
  • I think real gore could be a great addition as long as it slows down the processing of the game and does not cause lag, but you guys are certainly right WW1 was a disgusting war that should should be heavily portrayed in the game
    in Gore Comment by Loco825 May 2016
  • For sure to an extent which does not hinder gameplay and balance but to be honest i would love faction based weaponary in this game but i dont think Dice would implement it.
  • [quote="ImBeauski;177"]> @alarson0783 said: > Please ea/dice/up rise please find a way to add a form of blood money it was my favorite game mode.. I can see it in a "Trench Raid" setting. It became a fairly stan…

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