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  • And it's definitely not only smoke. In my several hours of time with the update, I saw enemies spotted through smoke, solid walls, fences, under water while diving, through trees because their gun barrel was sticking out, etc. It's an extensive lis…
  • (Quote) I would be very interested in and incredibly surprised to see the results of said poll and where/when exactly it was posted.
  • (Quote) The same can be said about people who hate the changes. There are probably a myriad of a players who dislike the changes that both don't come online to whine or have even stopped playing the game because of it altogether. I've made one com…
  • It's pretty sad - I had exceedingly little drive to use support before, behind repairing vehicles, and now that drive is essentially non-existent. People thought most supports were useless toward the team before, now we'll see what it's like after t…
  • Honestly his likes and dislikes aren't the end all be all, but they are indicative of the opinions of BF players (obviously people watched the video and know what the likes/dislikes are about, otherwise the ratio wouldn't be nearly as drastic betwee…
  • Not playing it is pretty much exactly what I plan on doing.
  • (Quote) That's quite the sweeping, speculative generalization.
  • (Quote) This is a pretty nonsensical response, as complaining about the TTK and it being for kids does not directly translate to the person complaining not doing good in-game with said changes. I've been doing fine with the new ttk, but I still di…
  • Why is anyone under the impression DICE aren't listening to the crowd who enjoys the update? Obviously they've been listening to the complaints of people who wanted these sorts of changes, because the changes happened. It just turns out, as many, m…
  • (Quote) There's no exaggerating, I've posted video evidence of it happening. Do we really need to record and post every single instance of it in one match to prove that it happens all over the place? I've personally seen this change spot people th…

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