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  • BetaFief wrote: » In the end this has left us with what I can only describe as the worst of both worlds; The (probable) hackers and cheaters of PC gaming, without the mods, community servers, etc. to make up for it. I agree
  • what was the reason they removed RSP/Custom servers?
  • I can't see enemies half the time, the axis soldiers are just a small grey dot - and no, my eyes are fine poor game it is
  • the fact that we are even discussing this just shows how ridiculous the politics around this game has become, jeez
  • just fill out the survey, someone / somebot might take note of that game is a disappointment (again)
  • I'm not enjoying the beta tbh, the running out of ammo then getting killed isn't fun. The visual clutter is annoying. I can't see enemies clearly. No one plays as a team, no one revives or gives ammo - and so the new gameplay mechanics just become a…
  • when the BF3 Alpha/Beta came out it was exciting to play, BFC2 was exciting - I think the word is 'visceral' - yesterday I watched some guy doing his thing on BF3, flying jets - wow- then remembered playing this beta - honestly it's just not got tha…
  • hatlessmen wrote: » trip1ex wrote: » NLBartmaN wrote: » trip1ex wrote: » But what happened to the "youtube predicts all" mantra?!?!? That was your schtick. Youtube predicted much better for CoD WW2 and it didn't happen. …
  • Alphazetamu wrote: » To me, Rotterdam looked like a flatter, less vertical and less interesting Amiens. I'm with OP that the maps don't look very good. I'm struggling to get past the impresion that they resemble too close to BF1, maybe too …
  • as the Jackfrags video today alluded to, it looks like BF1 and with re-used BF1 assets, and the map seemed empty
  • i thought the Jackfrags video today was very revealing, both in a positive and a critical way - watch that and make your own mind up - confirmed some stuff for me anyway
  • DisguisedMike wrote: » PlatterKotten wrote: » I hope for a close quarters DLC, like in BF3. You're not alone. I absolutely loved those maps in BF3. Ziba Tower is one of the greatest map I ever played in any FPS. I spent hundreds of hour…
  • I also play PUBG (sorry guys) and they have introduced a new feature of letting you know if a player you reported has been banned - and you do get the reports - they flash up when you load the game I won't buy BF5 unless I understand what effective…
  • ragnarok013 wrote: » Vespervin wrote: » I wish they would bring back Battlelog. I really liked that platform and the forums, and I didn't mind using the website to get into games on the PC. I never knew what the whole fuss was about, not havin…
    in Battlelog Comment by MHbluey August 2018
  • VileStrife wrote: » Right now it will be a "PASS". Is getting easier since I passed, BFHL,BF1 and both star wars releases. it's getting easier to ignore the hype train, to pass on the games, regret getting BF1 hardly played it compared to e…
  • only if they are ridiculous, neon pink or something, just to trigger someone
  • lllPeligrolll wrote: » VBALL_MVP wrote: » lllPeligrolll wrote: » MHbluey wrote: » ^^ go on then, what is your solution? do you even agree there needs to be a solution to cheating? I think there is a solution to cheating and it c…
  • ^^ go on then, what is your solution? do you even agree there needs to be a solution to cheating?

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