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  • (Quote) You just need to be Support. Both roles work to build them.,
  • (Quote) What game mode? I might be totally wrong, but they may only be useable on certain game modes.
  • (Quote) To add to this, you can usually see the front plate of the Vickers (the little cover section) lying on the ground where you can build one. You can also build a couple 6 Pounders on Hamada on the E, F, and G side of the bridge
  • (Quote) Level 20 Medic actually, and I've been using smokes that way forever. The best way to use smoke is to throw/shoot it on enemy positions, that way they're blind on where they need to fire. If you throw smoke on yourself, you're blind, and w…
  • Well, I think it's dumb, but the idea is that you should shoot smoke at the enemy, not yourself. The amount of times I've seen medics shoot smoke on the person they're reviving, only to be killed by a LMG or MMG is ridiculous. All you're doing is ma…
  • Make up your mind please. Every post I see by you is flip flopping between "This game is amazing" to "This game is a broken buggy mess". You yourself admitted to praising the game too quickly because of a "honeymoon period&q…
  • (Quote) I thought it cost 13,900? At least for the hat
  • Alright man, you're clearly unreasonable, and have the mentality of a 5 year old who doesn't get the toy they really reaaaaaally want, so I'm gonna hop off this thread
  • (Quote) It isn't anything game changing though. They didnt keep a weapon from you, nor something like an XP boost. Soldier sets do not give you any significant advantage over other players. Quit your whining.
  • (Quote) I can either fire weapons as fast as they allow me to, or be accurate, lol. I love rapid fire weapons like that, I'm just generally not good with them. (Quote) Honestly, I was better with the SKS, even with my limited use of it. I'm about…
  • (Quote) ^This Fairly certain its Assault, since Support and Recon already have weapons from ToW
  • (Quote) I don't think they could make anything mandatory without alienating players. It would have to be a Practice Range thing, so even then it wouldn't be garunteed. (Quote) No worries, I'm also a forgetful old man, so Im surprised I even rememb…
  • (Quote) You don't. I mean heck, you dont even have first aid kits in War Stories, those are replaced with throwing a bullet casing
  • One of the main problems is that most fortifications are easily destroyed by a single explosive. Realistic for sure, sandbags arent meant to hold up against grenades, but it makes the time needed to build them seem like a waste. Personally I build …
  • (Quote) Honestly, I dont think the camo helps much in this game at all. BF3/4 camo was fairly effective on Hardcore. Besides, all the Ally paratrooper sets are desert camo, while 3 of the 4 German sets are more city/rainy forest, and the 4th German…
  • (Quote) Dude, its just some soldiers sets, calm down, lol. They're basically all just unique recolors of sets in the game. Its not that big a deal. If you ever have $20 to spare, you can upgrade to Deluxe, and get 5 of the sets. You could've also g…
  • People want to be in the action, or at the very least, capture flags that arent defended. Hardly anyone wants to defend, because its not always a given that enemies will show up, and you dont get many points from defending an empty flag (unless your…
  • (Quote) Not really. Then again, I'm used to BF4 Hardcore, so I'm not hindered by the fast TTK
  • (Quote) Its not actually that hard. I go positive nearly every game (1.79ish K/D). You just cant go into fights thinking you'll be able to tank damage, and kill everyone
  • (Quote) Not really. He doesnt have to be prone. He can set up at cover, move position, and hipfire at close range isn't that bad. Plus, he can resupply himself. And ya, Devastation is a pretty close quarters map.

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