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  • (Quote) I agree. Or the person with a poor k/d who made decisive kills/revives at the right time in the round that shifted the momentum and allowed their side to gain the upper hand and win. That happened to me 20h into the game, k/d of 0.22 I ha…
  • I saw 9690ms this morning 8am. au player on au conquest server with full green bars. High latency as soon as I joined. Immediately ran some tests using a tablet, internet was fast with excellent pings generally. So something was whacky along the r…
  • I have similar issues. Seemingly nothing wrong with the internet (and I have a new router), the PSN network test shows good speed, log into a bf1 server showing all green bars, initially latency is reasonable <40ms then during the game can find m…
  • (Quote) Not all the time. It is inconsistent. I might play for 3hrs with no latency warnings at all. Then try at another time I get a game like in the video. Once I see it like that I have to exit and try a different server. I've even seen as high…
    in Ping Comment by Mojocarlos January 2018
  • I can show you... Yesterday evening I was getting 1000+. Im in Au. I looked for a green server and found one with full bars, joined, five mins into the round it was showing 1000+ again. It was unplayable. But in the m…
    in Ping Comment by Mojocarlos January 2018

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