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The game is dead in the water. Europe SquadConquest ....4 servers. This is a joke. Unbalanced matches, hackers, way too many mechanics changes along the way. They abandoned the game completely in the last few months. BF5 is on the death bed…
  • What are you talking about? What balance...there are no more players to balance. The player pool of bf5 is close to none. Team balance was never properly implemented in bf5. You can get 150+ level players on one side and max -50-60 level players on …
  • Nice update....when are we able to switch sides and scramble squads after a very unbalanced round??? Make servers with rules and let people admin servers...BF4 and BF3 were gold when it came to multiplayer.
  • Also after alt+tab the performance dips around 30%....gpu is still at 100% but frames ar going from 80 to 60....what a dumb **** game...EA and DICE should just recall the game or call it still BETA.....shame 
  • I find the performance worse and worse on my 9900k and 2080. I can not play ultra and raytracing to high even on 1080p. (Half an year ago everything was nice and smooth). All those patches a making the engine perform sluggish and slow. GPU is at 100…
  • I have an  i9 9900k and an 2080 and i can not play on ultra  with raytracing to high not even in 1080p resolution without frames dropping in to 40-50fps. The performance of the game is getting worse and worse after each update. Crappy nee…
  • yes...i saw them too...sometimes they appear invisible but after a while they load the textures and it's ok....another bug..
  • This update is absolute BS. i9 9900k 2080 16GB RAM 4000Mhz, FPS dips down to 30-35(i am playing 1080)...and huge lag is unplayable. I am going back to BF4
  • This update is absolute BS. I feel cheated. i9 9900k 2080 16GB RAM 4000Mhz and i have low fps as 30-35(i am playing 1080)...and huge lag is unplayable. I am going back to BF4
  • Okay, i kinda have a fix for me playing Firestorm. After every round of firestorm my computer crashes to desktop. I plays well one round(5-30min), exits the round and upon loading the map again to play, it crashes to desk with no error message. I sa…

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