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  • @DMcGovery How does the internet have anything to do with this. Ok I understand I didnt understood website drama, but your thing about uninstalling the internet how is this relevant, and how the hell can you uninstall the internet. LMFAO ha There no…
  • @Grimace73 I must feel like that guy in the picture. lol I'm such a dummy ha I misunderstood. Forgive me @Indigology
  • Look I understand you're trying to be a big No help but I can keep on talking about this on and on u sent me a website if you want to keep your website to yourself please keep it to yourself and respect this website in the iss…
  • You just send me a web page why would you send me something foolish and something that has nothing to do with Battlefield V please keep your websites to yourself if you have problems contact EA and Dice and Report these issues…
  • I'm reporting issues for Battlefield on here and you're the no one is criticizing no one, so don't come starting problems on my page please have Respect & the courtesy that I'm commenting back to you.
  • @Indigology Thank you for well informing me I already clicked on it and it has nothing to do with Battlefield V thank you for trying though, not a big help at all.
  • @Indigology Before you start crying and get all mad these issues is not for you. It's for Battlefield to fix their game a lot better for the future for cry babies like yourself not to get mad. I understand you get frustrated over the comments that w…
  • StayFanPower this issue can be fix real easy, simple go into settings & go to video & advanced settings & go to kill log turn on. This issue is sometimes off for some reason.

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