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  • Idk what it is about that gun but I really like the aperature sight. For some reason it makes it feel more accurate.
  • I still play the game almost daily, I would say give it another few months before purchasing. Because even though I like the game, and it's the main game I'm playing the positives don't outweigh the negatives at the moment. Something just feels off …
  • Considering deaths don't count as long as you keep getting revived, i'd say anything under 2.0 is bad.
  • The velocity is so slow that if your target moves AT ALL, you miss. Other than that, I like it.
  • I'm not feeling confidant with firestorm's performance, EA is gonna pull the plug on this game. It will never be as rich and content complete as I'm sure DICE originally had planned. By the time premium currency comes out there is going to be no one…
  • It's a toss up between Hamada and Rotterdam for me. Not because the maps themselves suck, just the way people play on those maps, in particular, is what infuriates me.
  • How do people still not understand this? Anyone can join any game due to server browser. The side it places the person on will always be the side with the fewer numbers. They got rid of the team switching functionality because people would switch fr…
  • It really does seem like the sten and the ke7 cause the most single frame deaths. Like it's not just the netcode, but something screwy in the code for those two guns.
  • (Quote) Yeah I lose the the gewehr 43 and selbstlader 1916 almost every time. But On the other hand the faster firing semi autos/autos tend to miss more so i can usually get off the second shot in time.
  • It has really good iron sights, I think irons and machined bolt are the way it's meant to be used. The enfield is a bit faster, but those irons are god awful.
  • Can you all imagine how horrible hardcore would be with the way people already camp everywhere with mmgs? *shudders*
  • Anyone can join any server... That's how a server browser works.....
  • I would be fine with shotguns staying the same if they were switched to being secondary weapons. That's about their level of power at the moment anyway. Support doesn't need 3 weapon classes, let's just make shotguns all kit secondaries.
  • It's like they buffed every other weapon class, yet made shotguns worse. It makes no sense from a balance perspective, if everything else is MORE lethal, why would you take shotguns and make them less lethal? I swear the range is 1/3 of what it was …
  • It really sucks honestly, because I like the shotgun playstyle to spice things up a bit. But they are so gimped it's not even worth it, the satisfaction is gone. More times i can count i've point blanked someone with the trench gun to get 90 somethi…
  • Can confirm that the 1-5 does feel like it has a lower minimum damage at long range. But it's definitely not 9 bullets, I think the most it's taken me is 7. And that could easily have even been 6 and I fooled my own brain.

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