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well since I can't edit my presentation anywhere... editting doesn't work.... my age is 31 now Currently playing BF1, PUBG Solo, World of Warships and some singleplayer FPS/Horror games.


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Female gamer age 30, fav. genre: FPS
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  • (Quote) 
 Join the Discord if you love the B2B mode :)  We already have 95 members on it and it's still growing every day.... so when the B2B isn't in the Weeky Rotation anymore we can coordinate and team up with each other via the B2B Disco…
  • Bump. It's mode of the week again btw. now at Frontlines... join the B2B Discord mentioned above to coordinate and invade custom servers together when mode of the week is over again.
  • Come and join the Discord channel mentioned above to keep this game mode alive and to play the mode together at certain times. The B2B servers don't show up in the default server list because of default DICE filter settings, so we need to organize a…
  • Please all join the Discord channel if you like Back to Basic mode. I loved to play it last week when DICE made it visible via the main menu, I really hope we can get a server full with players so this mode is alive and kicking.
  • btw. yes in order to make this mode work outside the Game Mode of the Week, they need to fix the server filters so the custom servers show up by default and/or keep the game mode visible in the main menu, like the button Game Mode of the Week is now…
  • But is it on official server? And more important, the problem with custom server is everyone has their filters on default DICE settings so custom servers don't show (had my own server failed once because of it in the past). If DICE had set the filte…
  • Bunch of amateurs, next time take 3 or 4 years to make a BF game please and test your games 10x as much, because the lastest release of BF titles has been a joke. I've been playing BF since BF2 in 2005. But I'm not playing this game until it's in a …
  • (Quote) No :( I just wanted a new "BF1" game but just without 3D spotting or a little shorter spotting duration (the time the 3D red dorito's are visible there). Everything else in BF1 is fine in it's current state. The surroundings and c…
  • The game is very hard for me at the moment. I love it that spotting is gone but with the pacing and soldier movement speed it's often too tempting to run and gun which is not really working in this game. The TTD is too short and the Medic's SMG's ar…
  • I hope they will do the same for TDM. From all big maps it would not be very difficult I think to select an area for a TDM map. I normally play Conquest but when I'm tired of the chaos I mostly change to TDM or start with TDM to warm up my aim...
  • No or a very bad anti-cheat system in online games is unacceptable. The cheaters are always ruining the game for all other players. Too bad it's nessesary but a good anti-cheat system is a MUST.
  • that gun is very OP yep. TTK is extreme, recoil.... what recoil?
  • I love playing as a medic the most in every BF game but I think the SMG's here are underpowered. I revive and heal alot of players but the gunfights are not fun anymore. In most cases even when I start firing first (and hit), the LMG's and Assault C…

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