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  • 4K is dynamics on BFV, and graphics option for is near of HIgh/Medium than low/medium ... I have no problem on my X, the game is superb.
  • Hello, I'm from France if you want. I'm clearly not the best player for kill everyone but I'm a huge teamplayer (love to use all the mecanics of teamplay when I can). I play on Xbox One X, my gt is my pseudo here.
  • The only "hack" you can have on console is the use of cronusmax plus (and kind of this material) and script to ameliorate the gameplay in theory and the number of users is very very low. But that's all and if you see a hacker, it is so easy to take …
  • The same here. Stroboscopic effect on X. I read the patchnote and the balance for guns is unreal too ... but it is another problem !
  • Use of cronusmax pro with script ? But serioulsy it don't made miracle ...
  • Hi ! Good to see there are lovers of Breakthrough here ! I love it to ! Conquest was my favorite mode in past BF but in BFV I feel it's a little annoying after a couple of games but Breakthrough, when you are in good condition (two good team and squ…
  • Hi ! It's not a cheater here in this example but for sure it is an exploit of the limit map and this must be fix by Dice because it's annoying to see that and it must be impossible to do it. https://youtu.be/hm1wis033dQ?t=9m48s
  • Mishkin37 : PUBG on X !!!! What an absolute joke it is !!!! I wait a year to have a performance mode to hope to play it in 60FPS on my X ... but the joke is than Bluehole made the first performance mode who not brings any performance ! You stay at 3…
  • Hi ! I'm french and if you want a partner to play on BFV, you can add me (my GT is my pseudo here !) I play BFV all the day ! But I'm not a big player, just I know the serie and this game so if you want ... but trust me, play it, be patient, try som…
  • Hi ! If BF1 looks better than BFV ? Hum ... maybe for some aspect but BFV is really beautifull, I play both on XB1X and before the enhanced patch was came for BF1, I always be impress by how this game for a simple Xbox One S (or Fat) was so beautifu…
  • I never be a sniper player in past BF games but in BF1 I really appreciate to play sniper ! The sensation is good and you can be very agressive in this game with pistol and run to flag etc ... some maps are great for sniper. In BFV, sniper is not a…
  • Hi ! The same for me here, I accept to die, it's not a problem but it is clear now we dead so quickly, instant kill like you say, I have the feeling to die always in 1 or 2 shot max, I can't respond or do something. The game is not fun but ultra…

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