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  • Server list under Advanced Search on PC is now empty. All maps, all game modes, all sizes. (Had to reset the filter. Obvious. Not.)
  • Ridiculously overpowered calvary. Ridiculously overpowered planes. Silent tanks. (They seemed at least slightly noisier in the BFV beta.)
  • I had many hours of reasonably good PC performance on this game up until the past few months. Now it's unplayable, as the OP said. Not sure what happened. Bad updates, bad servers? Whatever. I have tried quite a few tweaks, but still drop below 20 …
  • Well, back camping certainly hasn't been fixed. Agree with the earlier remark about it being cheap. Certain rounds on Soissions and Fort de whatever there are guys who spend the whole round doing it. And I swear I have seen guys SPAWN behind capture…
  • Seems to require a headshot for a one-shot kill at close range, which is ridiculous, of course. But that's BF1. Nonetheless, for some reason I pursued and finally got the Martini-henry sniper. Man, what an ordeal that was, especially the stupid ba…
  • Scouts have to think and aim. People who run around mindlessly with hellreigels do neither.
  • Truly, LOL on this topic. Way too many rounds you see a "skilled" pilot flying around ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, aimlessly dropping bombs, and going 70-5 or so. It's ridiculous and nerfing the AA guns made it worse. It's possibly the most unrealistic thi…
  • I have a 1060 6GB and average 65-75 fps on mostly ultra settings on a 1080p monitor. There are some fps dips on some maps. I also have an i5 2400 Cpu that I'm sure is a limiting factor but to get to a later generation CPU I would need a new motherb…
  • The Quit options and functionality in this game are poor. I can't believe that in 2016 I am so often forced to CTL-ALT-Delete to Task Manager to exit this game.

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