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  • Sorry but reviews do mean something to the consumer. Online or not people do pay attention to them and do judge the game by them. Agree or not thats the reality of it. Without those "critics" people would be blindly buying a lemon of a gam…
  • (Quote) 
 Look at social media, the sales numbers, the posts on reddit. I can go on but from a gamers point of view the game failed by a wide margin. As a gamer and a consumer of there product it failed and there is no dening that. Sure it c…
  • Some people just can't except that BF5 has failed in so many ways. People would rather pretend that its top notch instead of seeing the truth or the bigger picture that is in full view of there sight. People need a serious wake up call.
  • (Quote) You have yours and i have mine pal. But at the end of the day the state of the game speaks for itself and that says alot.
  • (Quote) Well i can. And they were right about Anthem. So that right there is a good example of them saving my 60 bucks.
  • (Quote) All the cheerleading your doing is not going to make it any better. Do really reply to all negative posts about BF5? I noticed you doing that quite a bit lately. Well anyway no matter how you talk and the rest of you people doing the same a…
  • (Quote) Dice needs to put themselves on a stake for how the game failed and is a after thought now.
  • (Quote) Some people just can't except that BF5 is just not good. They had there chance and they blew it.
  • (Quote) Apex is a new BR game, while BFV came out in November, and that style is popular right now. Just about any BR game gets a good amount of coverage. They are two very different games, I don't see how you can compare them like that and say BFV…
  • This game is far from dead. I'm 130 Hours in and still have fun every time I get in and play. Because the things you(and most of us) want aren't in the game right now doesn't mean it's dead. A lot of the things you mentioned will come with time, you…
  • I wasn't surprised at all by this news. But the naysayers on here couldn't see the light till now.
  • (Quote) Yeah right loud minority my butt. Your sales numbers are lower then bf hardline and alot of people have turned there noses to this game. Also there becoming "bored" of this game. I just read the thread that was created on this ver…
  • (Quote) It depends on the region for the player count but it would be alot higher if the sales didn't tank. Ps4 and Xbox-one have double or more then the PC. So that saying most keep saying if false.
  • (Quote) Like that matters man. Go ahead and keep dreaming that bf5 is find and dandy. Reality will bite you in the behind.
  • (Quote) Loud minority you say? How did the sales of BF5 turn out huh? That loud minority is actually the loud majority if you are paying attention that is. But most including yourself seems to be in some dream like state thinking all is good with t…
  • Look at social media and you will get the answer. Its a quick search on youtube and other sites. I say go there for answers.
  • (Quote) And they don't seem to know the difference eather. Just there feelings are getting hurt because the game is being dropped by someone else. Eather take the criticism the right way or don't. Its there choice.
  • (Quote) You go ahead and but those MT's. Your a perfect example of why the game is going further down the hole it has made for itself. Anthem will have them too and i know the sheep will buy them as well. Remember SWBF2? This will be a repeat of th…

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