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  • one other thing Xim says there adapter cant be detected that is BS Dice and all other game companies know exactly who and who isn't using m&k if we were in vary small numbers they would just ban us they wouldn't F around with it like this the re…
  • most people playing shooters like BF5 on Xbox  not all games on Xbox....... just shooters and proof no but if you want to get an idea of how many are using xims go to the xim web site and check out there forums also most of my friends and there frie…
  • Most people are already using M&K so go right ahead. I've already ordered a xim apex soo.....also if you are using controller you shouldn't be get with the program.... get on board you have already been left behind.
  • lmao probably not but was i going to get anywhere to begin with.... no... just annoyed that the game devs of all companies not just dice dont listen.  people want m&k support and not just a small number of xbox gamers a whole lot of us want it t…
  • go to setting and look at the custom button mapping once you've looked at that ask your self this question why are their so many options for mapping when a controller doesn't have enough buttons....and there you have your answer on weather or not th…

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