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  • Wow! I've not been on here for a little while. I thought they were leaving aim assist out for this game. Yippie-doo that they didn't😖! I was kinda liking the beta. From everything I've read tonight, sounds like I need to just be sticking with B…
  • The game is still awesome. As far as the dlc, I notice it helps some, if I'm wanting to play a specific map, to narrow the search to that specific map or narrow it to that specific dlc set and I find more servers for it. This is on ps4 as well. D…
  • Thermal sucks just as bad as the lock-ons
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • @stonedape420 I play on console & it won't be missed at all for me. Can't wait to get rid of it! With you playing on PC, why not just use m/k?
  • Mines & c4 aren't supposed to glow like a human body with thermal vision either.
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • I switched to hardcore last summer or so & it seems like the IR optics show up on my killer's loadout tons more than on core mode. It's in the game & folks will use it. I would love to see it left out of the next modern BF, except for night…
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • I get it. It's part of the game. Tanks/infantry vehicles should not be cake to take out. Be nice as infantry to be able to maneuver to flank them without shining bright on the screen though...make them actually work to spot a guy's movement. Cer…
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • Really glad to see this change made.
  • That's what I have to do about the thermal optics as well...accept it. It's not going away.
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • Give us an update on this. Would like to hear that you were successful in swiping the kill cam ground humper's MAA...and maybe drove over him as you bugged out😆!
  • Not at all. No excuse to hang back just because the targets aren't spoon-fed to them since they don't shine like a diamond in a goat's behind.
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • (Quote) I don't like it. 100% prefer they don't. My son plays BF4 on my Xbox One account now and I told him if I catch him using IR/thermal optics I will give him a temporary ban, on the 1st offense. Made it very clear to him I was serious too.
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • I paid close attention last night to tanks' loadout that killed me. Seems there's not many playing hardcore that are skilled enough to roll without the thermal optics, fellas all need that crutch I guess. I give folks a pass that maybe don't have …
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 October 2018
  • When the tanker is less skilled or doesn't have a capable gunner...well then that's when I like to have a little c4 fun & get some retaliation on the vehicle sector😉 Seems to be rare these days when I find that particular group of tankers.
  • I have no problem with tanks/vehicles in genaral, being tough to take down. It is complete trash that we have to combat them using thermal BS!
  • M9 is a rake machine. Lost Islands is another good map to get some swimming kills on. I think you can also swim out & get c4 kills on boats that count for that.
  • 32 v 32
  • I agree 100%. I have BF3 for my Xbox One, but I've been switching everything over to PS4 I bought this spring. Now I may have to keep xbox live around too just so I can keep playing bf3...sucks!
  • Disappointing to see BF1 pulling more than BF4😔
  • (Quote) I only play hardcore so the mini map gone and spotting very minimal. I see most of the vehicles using thermal though...sadness
    in FLIR Comment by PopyBear4 September 2018

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