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is COD better? I mean I know that is a pretty open statement, but I mean is it less frustrating especially in the case of cheaters?
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I disagree. I CONSTANTLY get rooted in place. Meaning my character will not progress forward with the W key, I just stop moving. This happens in every match. Flat ground, I am sprinting, enemy engages me and I seem to get stuck on a…
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1. Good to know.  2. My statement of "only look for wall hackers" is based on the fact that I can not rely on all the data I observe (as you also pointed out). I get 1 framed probably ever 5 minutes I play the game, even …
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Fair enough. I was (wrongly) under the impression that megathreads were stickied like the cheater one. I searched "Megathreads" and all I saw was the cheating one. I searched "TTK" to find a megathread (that you …
  • OP, while I completely agree with all your points I do not think TTK in and of itself will solve the issues facing BFV. Its going to take a LOT more on DICES behalf.  1. EA/DICE needs to admit fault and stop trying to safe face. This is the first st…
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Which is an excellent indication that cheating has taken over PUBG (and it has..its really bad there). Makes prospective buyers consider whether or not they should invest their money into purchasing that game or not.....oops, I thin…
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I can tell that the search feature rule is not enforced literally AT ALL...except in the case of cheating. In fact, the ONLY megathread here IS the cheating thread. The rest are official announcements. We can deduce that this is one…
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1. You can not determine that my ability to call out cheaters is "inconclusive" when you have not studied the same material I have in depth. This should be obvious. 2. I never stated I only look for wall hackers. In fact I…
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Having multiple threads on cheating is not spam, I don't think you know what "spam" is, ESPECIALLY when those new cheat threads are by new players. That is not spam, it is not the definition of spam. Its called feedback, y…
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My videos are not even remotely a contraction. I stated I spectate to find aim botters (who are obvious) and wall hackers. Perhaps you do not understand what a wall hacker is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheating_in_online_games …
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If you can honestly say with a straight face that DICE does not know why people are unhappy, then you have just said that DICE is also completely incompetent. If ALL OF US can play the game and see the issues, then surely they must …
  • Its not just asians, in fact I would say the cheating is equal in the west. The difference is in the approach. Prominent you tubers have pointed this out. The cheaters in the east are blatant about it. The cheaters in teh west are not, most of them …
  • (Quote) Agreed.  The thing is, Outpost (as far as my collected data shows) had less cheaters in it than your average conquest map. The defensive nature of outpost (defending an tier 3 tower gave most points) does little for most people who cheat. P…
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I did not miss anything. The thing is what YOU look for in a cheater and what I look for are different. I am not looking for how fast they kill (unless its an obvious head shot aim bot spree). I am not looking for recoil, heck I am …
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Dude. I watched his stream on one 27" monitor and the spectator on the other 27" monitor. They were synced perfectly. Just because you have not gone to the depths that I have to weed out cheaters does not mean that I have …

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