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  • so what you guys are saying is that every gun other than the stg and that stupid smg are the only guns worth to use ... not like there was alot of guns worth using before
  • tank gameplay is so crap.... i rarely fight other tanks ...its mainly me in a tank vs 10 guys with explosives.... borring the ammo refilling is absolutly pointless... a tank needs to sit in a ammo spawn for 20 seconds to refill while a bomber flys …
  • (Quote) my point "its a classic" is that beck then games were different ... now i expect more not to mention a game that was relesed 15 years ago(it was way cheaper) has pretymuch the same amount of content than BFV and i played 12000 ho…
  • (Quote) the only EA product i baught was bf1 and bfv and battlefront 2 ... all of them are crap... i wont buy them anymore ... i can get a pirated version with ease as its legal in my country and i got plenty to chose from... i wanted to support th…
  • (Quote) u cant compare a classic with today... i played 12000 hours in cod 2 bfv isjust a lazy copy paste atempt
  • (Quote) playing the same thing over and over again is so borring ...even call of duty world at war had more guns to chose from and more unlocks for them ... prety sad especially when they try to sell the game for 80€ anyway im done with EA product…
  • (Quote) i got everything unlocked ... aynd no i wont play bf1 weapons cuz they are borring, not even iconic (Quote) i wont play snipers cuz they are a borring camping class to me not to mention the more snipers u have in your team the higher the c…
  • (Quote) what does that even mean
  • if ur playing with MMGs there is no reason to push objectives
  • i did everything in one round
  • becouse people who played BF1 only played BF1 and dont know what battlefield actually is .... thats why people dont like the map this map is the best one so far and it needs either one more tank spawn or a faster respawn timer... feels like if u di…
  • make boltactions a one hit kill weapon and you will kill the game ... people will camp more , people will play recons waaay more, and you will lose way more becouse noone will play the objective ... if they do they will be killed with one shoot ju…
  • i think OP goes prone in the middle of the field and expects not to get killed map has plenty of cover around the cap points and u can get from point to point safely aswell ... the map itself is one of the best right now... atleast its not 1 tige…
  • the coins were definetly ment to be purchased ... they are probably the reason why the postponed the game for a month so that they wuldnt pissoff the comunity
  • (Quote) the vickers has a 60 round magazine ... go for the firerate no point to have 100 rounds ... u will never need 100 rounds also the fire rate doesnt make any weapon good... the 1200 firerate on the mg42 is useless when u cant keep ur reticle…
  • (Quote) 50% more rate of fire?..... what are u smoking ... the vickers has 980 rounds per minute just like the mg42.... and the lack of stability on the mg42 makes it waaay worse than the vickers
  • (Quote) mg34 isnt even accurate XD... and compared to the vickers its way worse in terms of accuracy.... not to mention it has a higher fire rate
  • go play bf1and watch ur screen shake every 2 seconds fro mthe granade spam
  • (Quote) bf1 felt nothing like a ww1 scenario ... bfv is closer to ww2 than bf1 is to ww1 what did u expect anyway?... bfv is actually prety close to ww2 as it can get
  • they wont ... they will probably implement a paying option by the fact that tank skins cost 33000 coins which i wont buy ... i allready payed 40€ for the just shows that from now on we will get crap games that arent worth to preorder... l…

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