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  • Why are you surprised, theres no anti cheat... fairfight is not anti cheat, its statistical analysis. Also give it a few hours, you will have flying, invisible, and 1 shots from across the map just like BF1. Nothing has changed.
  • Wow what a joke. Glad i never gave EA any money for BF1 or this BFV garbage. Pretty soon this thread will be locked & forum as well just like they did with the BF1 rental server program. They locked out the entire forum for users who purchased t…
  • Yep, gamers who grew up playing on PC and not console are used to having choices. Its not like COD is on Console where you play exactly what the publisher wants you to play. Example...I would play COD with friends on Console and we wanted to play a …
  • If you think that its a direct and fair comparison between a company that removes all their own official servers (EA/BF) and one does NOT remove all their own official servers (CS/RB6) I'm pretty sure that removes you from being capable of competent…
  • Coming soon..
  • Heck we still hop on and play Bad Company 2 every now and again. Still a really fun game, especially if you liked it when it took more skill to fly the helo's. I loved that flight model in BC2.
  • Arguments pretty thin.... He and I share the same opinion but I did in fact....NOT buy BF1. So that somehow makes my opinion more valid than his....hrmm Anywho back on topic. When is this new information drop incoming again?
  • Actions speak louder than words, simply basing my opinion on the factual and verifiable track record of every single person at EA/DICE related to this topic. But in the end its just my opinion. If time proves me correct, expect me to come back and g…
  • I'd be down with that as long as they got the hardcore preset right. Never played BF1 beyond beta because of the server and anticheat issues but i heard hardcore was a disaster for that reason.
  • had over a 1000 hours in both BF3 and 4 and maybe got kicked or banned 5 times or less....."badmin" is just something for people to whine about. if you get banned or kicked from a server dont play there again. its not the end of the world. if those …
  • Please see the last 1-2 years of history around this situation. Those posts can be found stickied in the RSP forums and i believe mentioned numerous times in this thread as well. If you are going to call someone out try and educate yourself about t…
  • Yeah Its just gaming vernacular. Most people don't know how to properly frame the question to convey the details and specifics. Most people don't actually understand what a dedicated server really is. Like COD technically had "dedicated servers" whe…
  • He wasn't fired. He left on his own and manage an snag 20 million is stock options when he threatened to leave earlier. So he is literally laughing all the way to the bank...Well played mr. Soderlund Source..…
  • Sadly i think the only answer is to turn to the smaller studios. Its a business yes, but DICE was once a small studio who made games with the intent to be fun. They were once a developer who didn't hold profit above everything...those days are gone.…
  • So... -EA removes official servers... -Only custom servers remain -you don't like the rules or people on the servers left So your decision is that nobody should be able to play. This is literally "i'm taking my ball and going home" What a selfish l…
  • Dito. I've been around so we 1942. But I skipped BF1 because of the server situation as well. Tons of games out there, if they don't want my money I'll happily give it to a competitor that takes PC gaming seriously.
  • Kill Cam is turned off on hardcore servers in bf3/4. That's kinda the point of hardcore...ya know to make it harder. .. Not sure what your talking about. Not sure about BF1, I boycotted it because of the server situation.
  • If there are no official servers anymore, how are you playing....oh that's right.....3rd party servers. You sir are pretty amazing. Congrats.
  • "coming soon"

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