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  • Spectrum is the worst, believe me I know because I have them. Around noon and midnight I lag so bad, but of course they deny it totally!
  • PS4 player here, still playing daily! US servers are still pretty active as well as EU servers. Some modes won't be very active, and some maps too.
  • OskooI_007 wrote: » This morning around 7am US Eastern Time (7pm in Asia) the American server was packed with 200ms ping Asian players. No exaggeration, there was like at least 50 Asian players on the US East Coast server. I asked in chat, "Why…
  • This is why I love this game and the community here. Always willing to help others in a positive way!
  • 28660896 wrote: » Ronin9572 wrote: » I doubt they'll be free again. They had been free twice before, now you'll just have to purchase it. Can't imagine it's costing alot since I've seen Revolution several times for $10 and under. Mate s…
    in Free dlc Comment by Ronin9572 August 14
  • Forkbeard84 wrote: » Pretty sure you guys are all PC players?  Its not implicitly stated.  I've not seen hackers that I know of on PS4. Only cheaters to me on PS4 are the ones using scripts/mods on the Cronusmax controller.
  • TotalSundew1210 wrote: » I once got 63 revives in operations and I don’t know somebody who’s gotten more than that can someone comment the record Thank you for being a medic that revives others! I'm the same way and pride myself for being i…
    in Revives Comment by Ronin9572 August 12
  • One of the biggest reasons I went back to console. Companies care less and less about dealing with hackers/cheaters unless their losing money because it!
  • PackersDK wrote: » I’ve had a pretty bad weekend with this game. Stuttering, weird deaths, a huge spike in smoke not rendering, bombed to bits whether I was on objectives or not. It’s just been no fun. Loaded up BF1 and tried getting into an Op…
  • Forkbeard84 wrote: » Im just looking at all your posts and thinking how sad it is that this great game that we love has been left to wither and die. And all because of a misguided and poorly executed corporate marketing plan. So sad. I h…
  • I doubt they'll be free again. They had been free twice before, now you'll just have to purchase it. Can't imagine it's costing alot since I've seen Revolution several times for $10 and under.
    in Free dlc Comment by Ronin9572 August 7
  • Sed1Tion wrote: » PC, EU. End of every game it goes onto some unrelated  operations. Then you have to queue and hope to join an already started game that isnt nearly over. That's weird, don't know what's going on. But I had the same issue l…
  • I didn't have that problem last night at all. Only issue I had was no US East servers were available. What platform and region do you play?
  • Yeah it be nice, but it ain't happening. They want us all moving on to their next installment. It's too bad it's broken and their version of live service is a joke!
  • ronybaloney wrote: » Ah, ok. I don't use mobile version. Guess I'm stuck with the clutter! I guess it's the same way on PC as well. Try it the same way.
  • ronybaloney wrote: » Ok. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. Where is this "dismiss" feature? Front page is still littered with old announcements for me. On the mobile version on the right side of the thread announcement there is a gear/…
  • I miss being able to play Supply Drop. Still need a few more wins on my other accounts to get the dog tag.
  • Thanks to all who posted about the dismiss feature!
  • disposalist wrote: » -Antares65z said: Titan_Awaken said: SlugSniper said: Maybe if they actually took their time with it instead of rushing to meet deadlines and shoveling out massively overpriced trash heaps... Funny thing is that pe…
  • MogwaiWarrior wrote: » disposalist said: MogwaiWarrior said: As much as I would love to see more content there is no way in hell that I would want the developers from BFV touching BF1. They would [mess] it up beyond recognition. [Do not…

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