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  • I've not seen an option for this ingame!!! Thank goodness!! Push to talk is the only way to go. I don't want to hear peoples kids screaming in the background...
  • This hit detection issue is a plague of the Frostbite engine. It's been a problem in every BF since BF3. BF4 was absolutely horrible when it was first released. I get the same thing. I am unloading on someone and they turn around and one shot me…
  • (Quote) Is there a place to report hackers?
  • (Quote) This is the retail version. It's limited but still retail
  • Same here. Noticed this in the alpha and the beta. Drives me crazy!!!
  • I have an i7 4790K, 16GB Ram and a GTX1070 SC. Game runs smooth as butter with zero stuttering. I think the graphics look better now than they did with the beta. Still havent seen any performance problems. My game is installed on an SSD too.
  • (Quote) I have no experience running a battlefield server. Progdogg, do you feel that you can achieve the same HC gameplay given the settings that we have seen by adjusting bullet damage and not player health? I would like to know if you think th…
  • I have no problem with using controllers for flying and such. However, I do have a huge problem with having a benefit from using one input device over another. Aim assist because you use a certain controller should not be allowed. Legalized cheat…
  • (Quote) Did you change your default keys? I left mine at default so "Q" works
  • (Quote) Hmm... Im not sure about that. I guess its possible. I have had certain instances where it didn't spot but i figured it was because my reticle wasnt perfectly on them.
  • Put your reticle over what you want to spot and tap "Q". Don't hold it down as that will pull up the request menu
  • This happened to me last night. I had leveled up in Conquest and went into a Rush server and was rank 0. Went back to conquest and was my normal rank. Can anyone verify this is what happened to them to?
  • (Quote) Good to see. This should balance things out more as people are learning the roles of each class.
  • So you would prefer to sit on a rock on the mountain the entire round and just shoot people? How is that more tactical? I am not a sniper. I die a lot because I'm constantly trying to cap objectives and such. I think the sniper class is fine. I…
  • (Quote) Yeah maybe they don't know it's an unlock for the assault class. There are also AT mines which are great for plopping down on a flag and hurting tanks when they try and camp on the flag.
  • (Quote) True. I guess perhaps there are a lot of players trying this game out that haven't played before. Time will tell...
  • (Quote) could be that it's just a beta glitch but the 2 times it's happened to me it was a 1v1 scenario. No other people involved.
  • (Quote) I am serious and I do not know!! It's happened to my brother as well. I do not know of any armor that you can put on to make your health above 100, but it's true.

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