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  • Well the  5.2 patch  has seen the lowest weekend server count here in Australia since the Pacific launched.   Not a good sign going into the holiday period.
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Well 80% of the Battlefield community that I played with all jumped ship for PUBG after a few months in BF1 and they have never been back to Battlefield since. Nothing wrong with the battle royal game mode they just have to get the…
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Exactly this.....   regardless of all the faults of the private servers auto servers can't do any better.  So time to let us the gamer's salvage this game...   Yes PUBG can pull hundreds of thousands of players with auto servers.  G…
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Dude how much longer can we hold out ????   
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Well that makes me look silly  but then again I didn't miss label the content did I ?? Nice to see Fortress and Grind again   maybe some rush and frontlines and then maybe no complaints about content...   :)
  • Just in case we all forgot ( apparently Levelcap did ) And Levelcap is happy to gush about World of Battleships with it's pay to win and it's grind when he was soo unhappy with Battlefronts system. Seems…
  • What has everyone forgot how we got here after 20 years of PC online gaming...  Every title every game from every developer has had bugs, has had delays, has had content promised not delivered.  Every game and make no mistake, every game ever has ha…
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Well if you owned  the game you would see that most of the complaints about the visibility in game are a tad overstated. Yes it's not as easy to spot people ingame because they removed some of the cheesy spotting from BF4. Because y…
  • At 3440 x 1440 resolution and ultra setting and ray tracing on BFV used just over 6 Gig of Vram for me. My card has 11 Gig so I turned it off.   Most GPU monitoring programs will tell you how much Vram is used with your setting and resolution so se…
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Activision's record on promises to the PC community with regards to  the COD series over the past 5 years is there to see. And it is not that impressive, they hail ultrawide support as a plus ???, uncapped framerates ??   these are…
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So a flash trailer, some 2v2 footage because the bigger modes crashed the demo server and a promise from COD that the game is being optimized for the PC. No footage of 50v50 and the game is out in 4 months built on a new engine.. S…
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Was that the event where the game crashed on the 10v10 map and the 20v20 map ????    Don't get me wrong the new  COD looks good but in the end it's just going to be COD.  And also when did Activision ever look after it's customers…
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Realism ??  we are looking at a 2D image on a screen that is usually a 16:9 ratio, it has it's limitations. Sometimes we have to make allowances for the limitations of the technology. That's all. For example the ammo counter.  &quo…
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Default HC setting in BF4, remembering that many custom servers had their own setting, but default BF4 HC  had no mini map, no 3d spotting, but minimap spotting was on. So when you looked at the map everyone was spotted like normal …
  • Yes I to would like Hardcore back....   but my hardcore is not your hardcore  :smile: Everybody has a different expectation for hardcore.  And remember that this is the most hardcore version of softcore Battlefield in a while. To compare the TTK a…
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There is no doubt that DXR is still in it's infancy and the current generation of cards are not up to running it in BFV. Even the 2080ti doesn't cut it. But the visual gains that it makes are breathtaking, like the preformance jump…
  • Cheers guys now to go educate some people that keep calling hacks :)
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Nothing is doing what frostbite is doing, the Unreal engine has had alot of improvements because of the huge cash injection PUBG and Fortnite has generated. When the game changers mention "the problems with the engine" th…
  • The "game changers" spent 6 years crowing for the removal of premium and the introduction of cosmetics.  Why because thats how steam does it for Counterstrike...  well steam had a 10 year head start to get it streamlined and right so sorry…

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