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I play on both XBox and Playstation 4 in USA East (where I get the lowest PING) and West servers.  Usually very late at night because I work second shift. 
  • If this game is dead it is because most of the people playing on it's servers do so like they are brain dead.  Sometimes it seems like the community is trying to kill this series themselves from within.  It is almost impossible to join a server wher…
  • Stop trying to make the Battlefield multiplayer experience into some fake version of Destiny with useless assignments that distract 
players from team play and the game mode that they are playing.  There
 should be a strong co-op c…
  • LOL.  I just reread my earlier post in this topic, and I meant to write "Supply Drop" in that first sentence instead of "Frontlines."  What I said applies to both modes though.  I jumped on Supply Drop yesterday as it is in the w…
  • Too many people seem to think that defending in rush (also operations) means that they don't have to move anywhere.  I call it lazy defender syndrome.  The defending team has to aggressively push the attackers backwards and away from the objectives.…
  • Lots of uncertainty.  I know what I want from this series.  I have stated it several times throughout the years on these boards, but I am doubtful that any of it will be in the next game.  It was one of the developers for Battlefield 1 that said in …
 One of DICE/EA's biggest problems right now is them trying to make the Battlefield experience too much like other games.  The live service model in BFV is a good example of that.    
  • I can't be the only person that is tired of playing the objective 
based game modes in Battlefield the way that they are currently being 
played.  I just loaded up Battlefield 1 (the only Battlefield game that I
 was still pl…
  • Sorry.  I can't get behind the idea of the dev team taking time away from the next Battlefield game to add more content to Battlefield 1.  Personally I think that Battlefield 1 has enough content, and if that isn't enough before the next game releas…
  • Destiny 2 is my most played game currently.  It used to be where I 
would take a break from Battlefield to play the Destiny series, but now I
 take breaks from Destiny 2 to get a Battlefield 1 game in every now and 
then.  I …
 You shouldn't have to tell them.  They can see on their own screens that none of the objectives are being controlled, and that the gap on the score board behind the winning team continues to increase.  They can also see the class and where…
  • Battlefield 1 was a hugely popular game despite many of it's shortcomings?  Yes.  The were, and still are several issues with Battlefield 1, but it has always been a quality game.  I was one of several people on these boards voicing my opinions abou…
  • I remember playing a conquest match on Amiens a few years ago that 
was so darn good, and the only reason it was as incredible as it was is 
because there were platoons scattered throughout both teams.  How many 
times have y…
  • Battlefield 1 has much better maps and superior visibility.  So...yes.  BF1 is a better game to me based on these two things.     
  • No thanks.  I didn't want this in Battlefield V either. 
  • It is possible to be a team player with the microphone on or off.  
The person simply has to want to be a team player, and that is the 
problem.  Most of the people playing Battlefield seem to not want to 
play on a team even…
  • Team work has nothing to do with the amount of players that are on a server.  disposalist already said it.  Two good teams of 32 playing against each other is amazing.  I keep saying it over and over on these boards in hopes that DICE is listening, …
  • Yes. Tto express disinterest in BFV in hopes that anyone on the dev team cares enough to take the next game in another direction.

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