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  • It feeds into EA's balance sheet because it's money for old rope knowing most people will just go "meh" and buy another title, hence why EvenBalance aren't responding because they know there aren't repercussions from their client or retail…
  • Looks to me like a deliberate ploy from EA and EB to generate sales from an old product by mass banning people just before the holiday season started (most of us who were affected conveniently happened to be banned before Christmas and the New year)…
  • (Quote) There's no directive for them to lift an erroneous ban either; no-one's going to take them to court over a BF3/4 ban and it appears they're not mandated to give a reason or provide justification anyway. I submitted a ticket 2 weeks ago rega…
  • See the other thread: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/172345/globally-banned-for-no-reason#latest Same sort of issue but with another ban code: #74005. No responses from EvenBalance thus far. Maybe this is a way of them getting peo…
  • Guys, I've had the same error for about a week and a half now: multihack global GUID #74005. I hadn't even touched the computer from the previous day's play and as soon as I loaded the server I got the message. I've submitted 4 tickets to EvenBala…

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