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I thought Fortress was a ton of fun. Wish they'd bring that back
  • Call your ISP and see if your connection is messed up. Have them test your line to your PC - what you described are network issues to the servers
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"looks like CoD will finally unseat them". - bold statement for a game that isnt even released yet
  • Yeah I guess, but I think CoD still caters more to the console crowd. I watched some of the stream yesterday and saw the same old corridor / arena shooting with maps that have 3 lanes. I found it funny that the Devs were touting the fact that you c…
  • Great thanks, will try that. Not sure yet if the d/l will finish, need to try tonight.
  • I had this issue for awhile. My ping in the BF server browser would show 20, but then in game it would start at 20 then jump up to 70, back to 30, back to 70 or 80. The game is unplayable when this happens, frankly staying at 80 would be easier, but…
  • Quick update - I re-downloaded Origin, restarted my router/modem, and opened the Origin ports through windows.  Nothing really worked, but I if I keep hitting retry the download will fire up and run for a few minutes, then I do this process again. …
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Funny thing is that I have sub 25 ping, and whenever I encounter someone with higher ping (50-60+) it feels like I'm getting 1-shot every time... So it goes both ways.
  • I think this particular post is in reference to tanks? I used to have stuttering, but have been running a ram cleaner in the background that has fixed my issues - I dont get any stuttering anymore, game runs smooth.
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Yup, this exactly. I usually play with the networks stats shown along the bottom - is there any one of the metrics that can tell me when things like this are happening?
  • I'm interested in your comment on synching and re-synching. Not sure if anyone else experiences this - but my ping was in the high teens last night (as context). There are some games where as soon as I start it feels so much more smooth and like I…
  • (Quote) I hesitate to respond since this is just getting stupid, but for someone reason you feel the need to keep trying to insult me. Yes I googled the definition of the word since I'm not used to people calling out word usage in a message board ab…
    in stodeh Comment by TUN_elcappo July 2019
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Really? Disingenuous: not candid or sincere. You said his "editing post-recording put the shine on things". You're not being sincere in that comment,  its his skill and game play "putting the shine on things", n…
    in stodeh Comment by TUN_elcappo July 2019
  • No, just calling out dumb comments
    in stodeh Comment by TUN_elcappo July 2019
  • "Being very good or even the best in video games, usually tells something about that person. I will leave it at that." It's their job
    in stodeh Comment by TUN_elcappo July 2019
  • I don't know how you can even play at 100+ ping.  I'm just somewhat confused why my ping is so different on different days..
  • Ping last night in the lows 20s consistently. Didn't change anything. I wish I knew if this was on my connection end, or the DICE servers. Anyone experience improved performance over the last few days on NA EAST?
  • You're being a bit disingenuous if you're saying his videos are edited and that puts a the shine on things. Obviously its the best clips. But watch his Twitch stream, he's a great player and its a good community. You'll learn a lot by watching him.
    in stodeh Comment by TUN_elcappo July 2019
  • I'd also still like to open the BF V ports of my router, to see if that makes things more consistent. Has anyone had any experience doing that, and if it helped things at all?
  • So last night I updated the firmware on my Optimum router and did a hard reset, as well as uninstalled OneDrive (I didn't even know I had it to be honest, but there was like 200MB of files in there, so it must have been constantly updating).  Eithe…

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