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It's 2019 and still hoping for a Battlefield 2 Modern Combat reboot. A man can dream.


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  • I feel like the time to kill for the STG and Sten are comparable to a shotgun to be quite honest. I get dropped by both guns sometimes quicker than I can even raise a shotty up. This game is just so much more fast paced than other titles, I think ev…
  • Only in Squad Conquest. It's more methodical a d strategic like older titles. Most other ganetypes I've played feel like a Frostbite CoD. Finally found a gametype that feels right to me.
  • LOLGotYerTags wrote: » Moved to video sharing section. When you want to share video content,  Please use the correct sub-forum : Thanks! Didn't know quite where to post it
  • Played 27 games last night streaming the final 3 hours and won every game, didn't get bored of the same rotation once actually. I'm a player from back in the BF2MC days where you may have 12+ maps but only play 3 or 4 of them in a 3+ hour session so…
  • maggotforl133 wrote: » I typically like the weather unless I feel like doing something that it hinders. But I wouldn’t really call it game breaking. And honestly I haven’t seen weather too often in the game. Maybe a few times on Fjell Real…
  • My win % after a week of playing is barely above 10% Not even kidding. I'm consistently top 5 on my team, average about a 2.0 KDR and play the objective. Who are these people that have even a .5 winning experience and how do I play on that team?
  • Noodlesocks wrote: » Would be nice to see all the vision obscuring weather removed completely. It wasn't fun in Battlefield 1, it's not fun here either. My feelings exactly. Sinai Desert with the sandstorm was an absolute prank on the devel…
  • I understand the purpose behind it. I personally am a very versatile player, as I stated before, I've been playing Battlefield games for a very long time so I have experience playing just about every play style. My claim is that it makes the multipl…
  • I am so glad that someone has finally done the leg work behind bringing my favorite all time online shooter into conversation. It has been years now with zero word from EA or anyone really and there is still a group of us who would love to see this …
  • Honestly I don't mind the 300 kills at all! As of right now, this is an end game unlock. End game items in video games aren't meant to be easy to get...

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