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  • It looks like they host only 25 servers for europe on pc.All are full and matchmaker put me on a trump nation server instead of starting number 26 eu server.I dont play with a 100+ ping.
  • Most important in your post is the rented server part.When it comes to themes a few years in the future (like BF4) would be perfect. This gives more options for skins, maps, factions.
  • Same here, it reload then i can change firemode, means instant death if someone surprise me.Some patches ago this was fixed according to patchnotes but it is not.
    in Drilling Comment by Texator August 27
  • (Quote) 
 Well, you are not complete wrong but i see it different.If i order and pay for a pizza peperoni and get a pizza without peperoni because they tell me the peperoni comes 15 minutes later because it still have to be sliced.After 15 …
  • I am a BF fanboy since BF 2 and even i have to force myself to play to unlock at least the weekly tides of war stuff. All the bugs you experienced in june are still there, a few (invisible players for example) are rare now but still there and you ge…
  • Its the little things i am missing. For example the historical facts you can read in the bf1 map loadingscreen.I know thats not even game related but it shows with what passion bf1 was made.
  • I play atm more path of exile than bfv.The main reason is with always the same maps and gamemodes i lost the fun.I had the most fun with grind but it is gone.
  • Omg, i beg you, please stop asking for hardcore modes.People asked for it and dice added microstutter to make aiming harder.People still asked for it and dice added invisible soldiers to make aiming even more harder.I dont even want to imagine what …
  • I am not a big fan of rush but i really liked grind.But no matter if rush, frontlines or grind, a game in this state should use every chance to let the players have fun before too many quit the game.So they should just make at least this 3 gamemodes…
  • You are so wrong, ingame money is the future.The most played games are free to play with ingame purchases.
    in hi Comment by Texator July 15
  • (Quote) 
 Yes it would make more sense but its impossible because this modes have not the same numbers of players.
  • That means we have to deal with invisible players, stutter and all the other broken things another 3 weeks.I really have to ask if you guys at dice have a bet how long it takes till the game is dead.I dont know if you learn resistant guys really und…
  • (Quote) 
First i thought it is a crap weapon i never touch but meanwhile it is my to go weapon as support. To answer your first question, first i tried the right tree, it makes the weapon to a laserbeam. But then it is like a MG 34 with less…
    in S2-200 Comment by Texator July 4
  • There are different kinds of youtubers. Those who are supported by ea, those the big ones everybody knows and those the ones i am not really care about. I think it was westie who made lately a video about quality managment. Well, i started a topic…
  • Some say skilled players play only frontlines and domination, others say skilled players play big all out war maps.The truth is in every gamemode, even childish TDM, you find skilled players. And in every gamemode skill makes you a better player.The…
  • I played it today and i can not switch before reload, it just reload.
  • I hope you guys understand BF is just a game and no historic simulation.I am really not care how realistic the skins look as long as i can tell to what army the soldier belongs.But lets talk about your realism fetish:In an army the majority of the s…
  • (Quote) 
Because they want to sell the game worldwide.Here in germany games are concidered as toys and here it is forbidden to show swastikas on toys. It is allowed to show it in movies even if the movie is without age restriction.I think on…
  • (Quote) 
Dont get me wrong, i like BF 1 and have over 2000 hours playtime on BF 1.But fact is most of the players i know from BF 4 did not like it and left, they also never returned to BF 1.BF 1 is not a bad game but it is different to the B…
  • (Quote) 
But they can not convince as many players as they want to buy Battlefield.Many BF3 and 4 veterans was not happy with BF 1 and did not buy BF V. You remember they sold less copies as expected of BF V.And after what they are doing her…

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