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  • (Quote) But there's better ways for people to show that they're interested in joining a Platoon, don't you think? It's also about clarifying what the "tag" actually is. Historically, it could mean a lot of different things, but that can …
  • (Quote) I'm sorry if that's how it felt, was definitely not my intention. Let me try to explain differently: I have a lot on my plate and maybe can't check these forums every day or multiple times per day. If the tagging system gets "abused&q…
  • Sorry everyone, can't really answer everything yet. Partly because it's not really set in stone either - but we're working on it and we are listening. Doesn't mean we can please anyone, but we'll do what we can :)
  • @Girl-In-Pigtails, please avoid tag-spamming, as it easily leads to notification clutter and makes it much harder to filter incoming messages. I've read what you've written (and I agree, it's a nicely written post), but don't really have anything s…
  • (Quote) First of all, if this thread gets bumped, it will eventually be closed, so please don't do that. The reason why "clan tags" are not out, is because we want to build a full feature to support it. In the past, you could just set wh…
  • (Quote) Fantastic post, really appreciate the effort. Thanks.
  • While I understand that you are excited about and miss this feature, I can't keep this thread going if all the posts are just "it should have been there". The situation is that it's not for a variety of reasons (and no, it's not about remo…
  • (Quote) Oh, I see. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info. While it's not really the same as Platoons, it's true that it can act as an interim solution. @igor-rhirsty, thanks for the comprehensive list :)
  • Not sure what @jarmet100 is referring to; there's no feature like that live. Thanks for the input thus far, definitely a lot of good points. As far getting the Platoon to play together and stay on the same team etc., please do remember that it alwa…
  • Yeah, that's for someone else to answer in another topic :)
  • Yeah, I thought as much, but always good to get it clarified. And yes, you can definitely expect to see in-game integration.
  • (Quote) What do you mean more specifically when you say "ingame platoon option"?
  • Hi everyone. As @Braddock512 said, it's definitely on our radar and something we'll be focusing on starting now. I definitely understand the frustration of not having this feature included day 1; it's unfortunate, but also the reality of game devel…
  • You can find the PS4 Platoon section here:

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