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 I dont know if you know but the rumor is they are working on bc3 and bfv was suppose to come out after it but they switched the releases.
  • instead of overclocking.  goto control panel, then power options, choose the high performance plan.  this will set your cpu to run at its max clock speed all the time.  windows might be randomly down clocking your cpu.  sometimes windows will get co…
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still takes like 5 shots to kill someone with a m1a1.  this game and squad are very different creatures.  and squad isn't as milsim as arma
    in TTK Comment by TheSeries3 April 2019
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 nah dude.  no one has the exact number except for dice in that thread where they asked if people like the slower ttk.  but if you went through the pages and looked at what the majority of people said, it was that they wanted the f…
    in TTK Comment by TheSeries3 April 2019
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 more like 10% or less if you looked through the posts in that thread about ttk feedback.  almost every reply wanted the fast ttk back.
    in TTK Comment by TheSeries3 April 2019
  • its fun but needs a buff.  I had to try really hard to get I think it was 27 kills in conquest.  when I could have used any of the other medic guns and gotten 40-50.
  • so dont play the br? you'll be back to bf v in a few weeks. you've played those bf4 maps hundred of times and you'll get bored of seeing the same cheaters since theres like 400 people that still play bf4.
  • the voip is working for me in firestorm about 30% of the games.
  • (Quote) thats not right. he got killed in like 2 shots on his screen. but since the suomi fires so fast the killer probably fired 5 and they all went to his head since he was prone. 1 frame deaths are still a thing and dice didn't fix it. this …
  • I lost a squad game cause they had 2 tanks. I blew up one. not enough rockets for the other. tanks shouldn't be OP. everything should be equal in a BR
  • yup, noticed that too.
  • (Quote) don't play it then. you really need company coin that bad?
  • I love firestorm. had a epic 11 kill solo win and 2 squad wins so far. just fix the looting. put in a vicinity list like pubg asap. also voip seems to work half the time.
  • I don't like the new TTK. changing it because players leaving the game does not make sense. you can kill people in bf4 way faster than the original bf5 ttk. if players are leaving the game is cause they want to play a BR game. BR is still the ra…
  • happens to me too. probably couple times a round. I play on a ssd with 16gb of ram, gtx 1070, i7 7700k. med settings, 1440p. fps I avg 90-115. should not be happening.
  • dice's reason for this new ttk doesn't make sense. they said its cause people are leaving the game. yet in bf4 the ttk is way higher. if people are leaving the game is probably go to play a BR game. BR is still the rage for many people. althoug…
  • I have a 1070 and play on med settings at 1440p with a i7 7700k. fps wise I get about 90-115. I'm probably going to buy a 1080 ti cause I want to play on high or ultra settings and still avg 100 fps. I use a 144hz gsync monitor

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