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  • (Quote) So, You're telling me the better Movement in BF3, BF4 and BF1 doesn't work for BFV? My problem with BFV is more about all the pointless animations(Like when you twirl Armor plates before applying) Not asking for Apex movement but for a map…
  • (Quote) Played Solos for a few hours last night and map plays and looks great but my biggest complaint is the Looting/Inventory system is awful. Really killed my experience, Wont play again till they sort this out it's that bad.
  • I'll like it if they fix the looting/Inv system. But man this is hard to play with how slow and clunky char movements are after playing Apex since release. I honestly think Bad Company 1 had better player movement than this and that was outdated.
  • (Quote) They fix this I'll really like it. Map is amazing but I just cant enjoy the game with current loot/inv system.
  • I think it could've been amazing but they had to completely mess up one of the most important mechanics of a BR, The Looting and Inv system is abysmal. But, If they fix it I can see myself putting tons of hours into this because the Map looks grea…
  • (Quote) I have it and while I agree Blackout is decent I was really hoping Firestorm would bring me back to Battlefield which had been my primary go to franchise since BF2. Not gonna give up on it completely but i'm not playng it again until they f…
  • (Quote) Agreed, Just got done playing a few hours and really liked the gameplay but the looting and inventory system is the worst of any BR i've played. Maybe I just got to get used to it I don't know.
  • (Quote) Firestorm should have released as a stand alone BR like Apex. I'm afraid even if I still like Firestorm weeks from now it will be a dead Gamemode with such low sales to BFV and lots of people that generally just lost interest and won't com…
  • Also feels unrewarding when you win. Kill last enemy than delay..............You Came 1st? :# Who thinks up this stuff?
  • Doesn't really look fun at all. Especially since I've been playing fast paced Apex since it released than going to this? But, Gonna give it a chance.
  • I think BF1 is worse but not by much. As a Vehicle player I think the Tanks in BFV were a big improvement over BF1 BUT the problem is there is only one decent Vehicle map in the entire effing game. I just don't understand why they went so heavy in…
  • Get it but don't pay full price, I think several places have it on discount so shop around. It's a decent game but most the maps are terrible which for me means I can only play a few rds before get bored. Also only 1 good vehicle map (Where you se…
  • I enjoy it even though there's still alot of issues with the game. As a Tanker i'm enjoying vehicles so much more in BFV than I did with BF1, At least they do take some skill to keep alive and do well where In BF1 anyone could destroy in Vehicles.
  • Nothing wrong with the tanks, Although I think the only problem before was a single assault could take you out too fast but that got corrected. They just take a little more skill and strategic planning because of how slow they are. You're also pro…
  • I only like it because its our first decent vehicle map where I actually have tank vs tank battles instead of always fighting off assaults. Terrible for infantry though.
  • Tanks feel good now although I'd like a little more splash damage for main against infantry. Patch is a step in the right direction by Dice. Battlefield is and always will be about Vehicle play first. Still many ways to take out a Tank as assault bu…
  • (Quote) I'm ok with that if they want to sit back and shoot down airplanes all match. One less tank to worry about bothering me at objectives.
  • If the Bombers are gonna be OP than we do need an OP AA tank counter.
  • With Battle royals the hot thing these days it made no sense to release the game without it. They would've been better of just delaying the game completely and released a more finished product, Game was clearly rushed. Now the hype will be gone wh…
  • They pretty much ruined Conquest in BFV with the lack of Vehicles. Even as a Tanker I like Infy maps but they went way to heavy on them with these huge maps makes conquest an absolute campfest. With how quickly tanks and vehicles in general can be …

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