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  • I loved COD4 through to MW3. Hopeful for this game and judging by the 100 or so gamers who were flown out to test it recently - the most fun is on 6v6 and 2v2 modes. I might predict a laggy mess for 20v20 and 50v50. As for cross play - ps4 or x bo…
  • @Dsaina I do / did enjoy BFV Rush even though it's not like the rush of old.On the plus side we did have it for a few extra days more than I thought we would this time. It'll be back at some point. I look forward to it.And yeah - 32 player modes jus…
  • London and Ohio data centres were disabled back around end of April. The official tweet didn't say permanently removed so here's hoping they get re-activated if private rentals becomes a thing for BFV.
  • (Quote) 
 Playstation will / does throttle your connection. Hence your speed dropping from 212 to 85 etc. Your ping will be pinging to a German server and not a uk server - so that's gonna be higher as a result. I'm sure you have either port…
  • I'll start by saying I like looking at the top players stats when I can and if they have youtube vids, well that's a bonus. I like the game and try hard to be a better player - yup I'm a try hard - I have a ton of room for improvement. Anyway, if yo…
  • If gameplay goes back to COD4 / MW2 days then yes I'd play it again. I'd also keep on playing BF.
  • You can be in / join multiple platoons but only be representing one at any given time as far as I know.
  • Appreciate the work done. Looking forward to playing it again. Q: With Rush being my fav mode and considering the extra work you folks have put into it for this week, if you get positive feedback on it will it have a chance of being a permanent mode?
  • Support class was usually my thing in past BF games. I quite quickly went to recon to start with when first playing BFV though - cause I was finding it much harder to find the enemy in V. I'm mid 40s now so hey it could be old age catching up with m…
  • Enjoy it while you can; as it's linked into this week's challenge timeline looks like it'll be gone by next Thursday. I really hope I'm wrong. Rush is my fav mode. ps: I play solo, mainly as my friends are old school COD fans and don't go near BF s…
  • 2 to 3 dependant on my mood I guess. I'm still hopeful for this game, Rush is coming back, sadly only for the week starting this Thursday I assume(?). So I'm excited by that - and yet I know while I'm enjoying Rush, pangs of sadness will be there k…
  • Frontline (RIP)Rush (RIP)Breakthrough
  • Saw lots of heads - no mid rift and then boots running around yesterday on PS4. I haven't seen them yet today. Now I'm paranoid, maybe they are completely invisible.Seriously though haven't seen them today but have had the odd revived soldier turn a…
  • (Quote) 
I think it would free up devs time to concentrate on game modes that are BF mainstays and general bugs therein.
  • I'd like to see Russia in BFV for sure. When it comes to sheer numbers, they and USA should have been in BFV from the get go. Just on the point of sheer numbers - this is an interesting article on the slightly fudged look we may have on Russia simpl…
  • Is it not possible for DICE to geo locate players so they are redirected to a server list in their region? And to those who just have really poor connections full stop - maybe a zone just for constant high pingers. Everyone deserves game if they she…
  • Agree. Great mode and always my go to mode through the series. Thoroughly enjoyed it on BFV during its short time there. It now sits in the filter section asking us to filter for it. Existing but not existing.

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