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  • exactly! what's the point of even having servers if they don't give us players and instead direct the players to their DICE Official servers only.
  • I actually still have the two that I did the 6 month thing on when the RSP first started up. One is my [-SoC-] server and the other is my personal one which I change the name of once in a while.
  • I'll write here what I wrote to somebody else earlier that rented a server... Unless you don't mind just messing around in your server with a couple of friends and not actually playing, then there is no point in renting a server right now. They bro…
  • Unless you don't mind just messing around in your server with a couple of friends and not actually playing, then there is no point in renting a server right now. They broke our RSP servers a month and a half ago to where we can't get any player traf…
  • He is either flat out lying to us or has misunderstood something along the way. I'm going for the latter.
  • yeah you're right. Similar but not exact. Looks like the one he has as his twitter pic has a hexagon (6 sides) whereas the one you found seems to be a decagon (10 sides).
  • Yeah I'd have to say that the "soon" window has definitely passed. Honestly, though, I forget whether or not the word "soon" was actually even used when talking about the update to RSP or even the fix to finally give our servers …
  • My 24/7 Giant's Shadow server filled up today but I think that's only because it just became available to everybody and I joined in when it was at 8 players only to find [DICE]RumpusKing in there (love that guy). I decided to see if they fixed it wi…
  • We don't even need a news post at this point. We just need to know why they haven't fixed our servers yet and when they are planning to do so. It was a simple "maintenance" that broke it so why can't the past 5 maintenances have had the fi…
  • I have only tweeted @Striterax about 3 total time asking about the issue with our server not getting their due player traffic and he has ignored me every single time. I'd written up my tweets very professionally and in a non accusational manner. I'v…
  • Right now when you change the map rotation while your server is online, it'll play out its current map then set the next map index to 0 (set the first map in the rotation to be played next).
  • He's probably not even gonna announce anything indicating that they fixed the player traffic to our RSP's is he? I've been growing to expect less and less - especially in the way of communication - from some of DICE, unfortunately.
  • yep no QM to our servers still and listing in browser still screwed. I did get my server filled, however, by changing it immediately to Giant's Shadow, default settings, and seeding it with 4 of my computers and a few of my SoC guys the minute the s…
  • How in the world did you get 16 people to follow you into a server?
  • Anyone know how the guy(s) running battlefieldtracker.com even got access to the Battlefield 1 API's in order to even pull player stats, server stats, and such? Someone with the right connections to DICE/EA?
  • Thanks for the clarification! :)
  • Which game mode and what settings? Conquest, all default settings?
  • No luck whatsoever with all default settings and no Custom tag on the server at all. Three hours and not a single person came into the server. We are all on the same page, right? We're talking about your RSP (Rental Server Program) server. The one…
  • Some people within that Twitter discussion are saying they got their servers full? So, is Quick Match actually working for our default settings RSP's again or not? @Striterax ? I'll put my 4 seeding computers in my server and leave them there for …
  • @Porthos1973 As a side thought, is it perhaps possible that there was an unannounced maintenance the day before the scheduled one that I just wasn't aware about? Ugh! Meant to do this separate post as an edit to my last one. They gotta add the edi…

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