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  • Has been allready tried without success, and unless it's confirmed that's working, i REALLY don't want to download 60 Gigs with my shabby connection again.
  • Probably, in another thread someone allready said, he is still seeing his emblem. But i haven't participated in any form with the BF1 beta, so it couldn't be related only to that.
  • Must be.................."driver issues". That cracked me up. Always these darn drivers.....XD Thx dude, but ElChakan guessed it probably right. They are trieing to merge BF1, BF4, HL, etc. battlelog or UI stuff together and it's gone hay…
  • XD Oh, this topic fits.... At the moment emblems don't work ingame ( i guess for the majority or even all players). Do a quick search, there are allready some relating threads, but no concrete hints of the reason from the problem.
  • Well, but i still hope they fix it anyway somehow. I just think it's strange barely anyone complains about it. Even they don't have this issue (which i don't believe) or just nobody cares. Anyway, i'm gettin' tired looking at flags. Please fix it.
  • At least i would like to know if they are aware of the problem and intend to do still something for BF4. I wouldn't be surprised to read: "You wanna have emblems? Buy BF1". :/
  • Here the same. I recognized it only today.... I really miss my Shego on the gun. Hopefully they will still fix it, especially with BF1 coming soon. But how could this happen, there weren't updates regarding emblems as far as i know?
  • to be honest....for me there's none. The vast majority of tags seems kinda juvenile. I settled with the hopping penguine, because it looks cute, but cool? Not really. The same goes for the BF3 tags, but the "Endstation" tag. This was cool…

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