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  • Most SMGs were fine no buff needed. ZH29 and RSC snipers are pretty overpowered IMO maybe just reduce there range a bit. But more importantly when will the ping issue be fixed(unplayable IMO)
  • I don't come to the forums that often, But I feel like i need to voice my opinion on the limited time Duo's Firestorm.  This mode needs to stay in the game, or come back as soon as possible.  I have played a lot of firestorm, and Duo's is by far the…
  • Glad you got it, but yeah its bugged. Have gotten 2 kills, 4 kills as squad leader. and multiple other kills when i was not squad leader. Its bugged and it is pissing me off because it took ten games to even get the kills.
  • I also am pissed off that the last challenge "Look Up" is bugged for me as well. Have completed it multiple times as squad leader, and not as squad leader but it doesn't matter. I expect to be getting this. Dice Please. Get it together.
  • To the people that are saying TTD is the issue not the TTK, well I don't think they realize they are basically telling DICE to make this change because its the same **** thing! What needs to be looked at is weapon upgrades such as Increased Rate of…
  • I just want to say that an increase to the overall TTK is a bad choice. Before they make such a drastic change that would make nearly half of the guns useless why don't they look at some of these broken weapon upgrades. Upgrades that increase bull…
  • warslag wrote: » Well, this is exactly what I said in another thread about the new resupply and health pick-up system. There will be patches that will completely change the shape of the game. Not always the way you want it to be changed. To my min…
  • well seeing that i have played Battlefield since Battlefield 2 on PC i feel like i have a pretty good understanding of how a battlefield game works. And I'm sure there could have been plenty that i missed, but to act like my opinion does not matter…
  • So while the gameplay/gunplay looks really smooth lets look at what needs to be fixed in this game before it ships. Lighting/Visual Clutter: One of the biggest things that needs to be fixed is the Lighting, especially the lighting inside of buildin…

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