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  • My main major reasons for not playing this game anymore are: -Attrition- running to resupply stations at respawn is always fun, DICE. -Tanks are garbage outside of camping contested points, resupply stations are way too spaced out to be effectiv…
  • wc138 wrote: » Maybe stop run and gunning like a two-bit CoD convert. Seriously. It's a brilliant strategy, and three cheers to the sneaky peeps who use it. It's also equally easy to circumvent. LOOK BEFORE YOU RESUPPLY. That's how easy …
  • They should just either add back visual spotting or remove spotting altogether. The cheese comes from the fact that snipers running the automatic damage spotting perk allows them and the team to know your exact position during a flank. This among ot…
  • Lmao stat padding against AI. Just when you thought the bar couldn’t get any lower.
  • Are people really surprised that this game still has no content when the premium model was gutted? The community split whiners are the reason for that and laziness. Force them to make content, bring back premium.
  • How Battlefield should be played can easily be the best game mode to ever come to the series if DICE worked on balancing maps and increasing sector size for fair gameplay on both sides this is my biggest gripe. BF1 did Operations the best because th…
  • *Sips tea* Looks like this room got too spicy for the pepper.
  • You know OP you can always play infantry only modes if planes get under your skin so much. I guess clearing flags and the air is not helpful.
  • I use smoke for movement and revives. If a particular head on a stick teammate is annoying me I smoke their position no shame. 🤷🏿‍♀️
  • They need to decrease the bullets to kill within the SMGS most effective range. I mean assault had SMGs in BF1 and they were on par if not slightly overpowered against most other classes. They need to kill quicker like most other classes.
  • Squad Conquest is trash game mode and a check in the box for DICE. It’s essentially Domination with two tanks, dreadful. It exacerbates how terrible players are and how non existent the balancer is. Almost every match I hopped in was a stomp or a st…
  • Sten is the best medic weapon because it is more versatile and you can engage far distance targets easier with its lower ROF. MP40 is bae but the spread at range is a turn off.
  • Be in the game since launch. If it’s a bug it’s a good one now it allows me to spawn to on full vehicles and one seater tanks to assist with killing tanks or getting close to the action.
  • Lol OP with how paper thin tanks are in this game and you complain about meaningless things such as not having enough ammo to solo kill tanks. You can literally walk up to a distracted tank or one rushing you, drop a few mines and throw a grenade an…
  • As someone who tanks fairly regularly. The main issue is that the tank shells do so very little damage to infantry due to how little splash damage works. Any assault player can hide behind a rock and avoid damage while simultaneously inflicting crit…
  • I agree 100%, especially if the squad leader didn’t contribute as much to the points but gets all the benefits of the rocket. It’s a broken system right now.
  • Model 8 and Turner SMLE
  • Way to trigger all the PTFO cheerleaders, OP. Who knew asking a simple question could trigger so much blacklash. To all the players who say KDR isn’t important, you do realize throwing bodies on flags doesn’t usually turn them over. You can thank al…
  • “Fix one thing break 15 other things.” - DICE dev

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