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  • They need to decrease the bullets to kill within the SMGS most effective range. I mean assault had SMGs in BF1 and they were on par if not slightly overpowered against most other classes. They need to kill quicker like most other classes.
  • Squad Conquest is trash game mode and a check in the box for DICE. It’s essentially Domination with two tanks, dreadful. It exacerbates how terrible players are and how non existent the balancer is. Almost every match I hopped in was a stomp or a st…
  • Sten is the best medic weapon because it is more versatile and you can engage far distance targets easier with its lower ROF. MP40 is bae but the spread at range is a turn off.
  • Be in the game since launch. If it’s a bug it’s a good one now it allows me to spawn to on full vehicles and one seater tanks to assist with killing tanks or getting close to the action.
  • Lol OP with how paper thin tanks are in this game and you complain about meaningless things such as not having enough ammo to solo kill tanks. You can literally walk up to a distracted tank or one rushing you, drop a few mines and throw a grenade an…
  • As someone who tanks fairly regularly. The main issue is that the tank shells do so very little damage to infantry due to how little splash damage works. Any assault player can hide behind a rock and avoid damage while simultaneously inflicting crit…
  • I agree 100%, especially if the squad leader didn’t contribute as much to the points but gets all the benefits of the rocket. It’s a broken system right now.
  • Model 8 and Turner SMLE
  • Way to trigger all the PTFO cheerleaders, OP. Who knew asking a simple question could trigger so much blacklash. To all the players who say KDR isn’t important, you do realize throwing bodies on flags doesn’t usually turn them over. You can thank al…
  • “Fix one thing break 15 other things.” - DICE dev
  • That’s why any person shouldn’t have access to a computer or the internet. What are you like 4? Balance is a thing for a reason getting lucky spray and pray headshots would kill the player base instantly.
  • (Quote) I find it funny you guys who cried about premium pass splitting the player base and wanting it removed can’t accept the fact that the core game plus additional content is bare bones and DICE is no longer obligated to give you anymore conten…
  • I killed someone with the liberator, truly humiliating
    in Liberator Comment by V2Face January 2
  • (Quote) Brings up stats like that makes his point more relevant. The point still stands that you don’t know how to use shotguns properly. The drilling is the best shotgun in the game and can OHK up close pretty. You will have trouble killing mobs o…
  • (Quote) Funny, I never mentioned using bunny hopping. I’m sorry that you have a hard time aiming though, make sure you don’t panic in CQ and you will get your kills I promise.
  • You players complaining about bunny hopping would rather they reduce the movement speed by 50% and make them stand still while you shoot at them, git gud seriously. It’s viable because the TTK is so low and players get a jump on you, it’s either sta…
  • What’s up with players trying to reset their stats? You are how you play if you want to avoid terrible stats at the start of your play through you can always make a separate profile. But it will be an obvious stat padded account which is generally f…
  • Recon needs a little work, I think their spotting flares could use a buff and they should get explosives to assist with vehicles or at the very least 2 bouncing bettys at spawn, one can’t even ohk and is used as a deterrent/spotting tool for the pla…
  • It’s recoil is non existent and if you have a quick trigger finger can lay waste to a few people at range or in CQ. It was one of my favorites in Hardline and I got a thousand kills with it. Honestly, the Turner SMLE is better and does slightly more…
  • If you are going to remove team switching, DICE you need to fix auto-balancing. If you are on a garbage fire team 2-3 matches in a row most likely you will stay on that team until all players leave and get new ones or you leave yourself. Atleast tea…

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