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  • nicestar wrote: » Vamok wrote: » I'm having problems getting into servers right now. Every time I click "join" it goes to "loading game" and then a few seconds later goes back to the main menu. May be you are banned. Just got in.…
  • I'm having problems getting into servers right now. Every time I click "join" it goes to "loading game" and then a few seconds later goes back to the main menu.
  • Clarence_6000 wrote: » Haven't played for a couple of weeks. And now when i finally want to play .. Wow! Same thing here lol. Like no joke, last time I played was a month ago I think and now that I decided to spend some time I can't connect..
  • IMO, gas. I found it that overall (in the long run) it gives more XP than the others and of course it can cause a lot of problems for the enemy team, denying firing positions due to the mask. And as we all known, a team with limited fire superiority…
  • We've been asking for this for quite a while now.. It just totally boggles my mind as to why something so simple to fix (and yet, so annoying for some players) still is left the way it is. If I, as an example, try to join a server right now I'll …
  • My win rate was 45% last time I checked.. I'm honestly so tired of it that some days I just change teams (yup don't care anymore, deal with it). It's not that I have something against losing but.. No way man, after the 3rd operation lost in a row…
  • Did everything I should and got nothing. Great.
  • M0istGamer wrote: » They can't due to technical limitations or somethibg like that. I thought that excuse had circulated already It…
  • Yeah please, just add the mode to the server browser. This is the thing that easily annoys me the MOST on the entire game. I'm absolutely tired of getting shoved into empty servers and having to redo the whole process again and again and again and a…
  • 1 KDR (infantry player, 64p server) is the minimum respectable. Why? It is simple. It doesn't matter if you are the greatest support/team player in the entire history of mankid if, well.. You are always dead. Dead ppl don't revive/assault/give am…
  • I'm also having problems finding servers. It usually takes 5-15min to find a filled one, especially when I try to play at off peak hours (and then I gotta hope that the game just started). It's also worth remembering that BF1 was just released so it…
  • 10 days later and this problem is really starting to grind my gears. Operations is my favorite mode right now and I only play that. The problem is that almost everything time a match ends I'm forced back to the menu and I have to spend 5-20min tr…
  • Nothing wrong on my end. Time to contact support then I guess?
  • Well I can already tell that there's a certain newb out there that's going to hate this change.. IMO it should have stayed with support.
  • 1 shot rifles. That's why.
  • Well something needs to be done about reviving in this game. I played the beta for ~10h, wanna known how many times I got revived? Zero. Yes you heard it right. I'm not trying to exaggerate or go full hyperbole mode. I did not get a revive once a…

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